Skincare Review: Neutrogena Norwegian Hand-Cream!

3 Mar 2016

Come rain, sun or snow I am a really bad sufferer of dry hands and need to stock up on different hand creams regularly just for an ounce of lasting relief although after year of searching I believe I've found the perfect remedy to stop me buying out the shops! 

Just a little dab of this moisturising hand cream is gentle on the skin and immediately relieves my chapped hands leaving them visibly smoother.

I have severe sensitive skin and have reactions to quite alot of products out there so for me to find a product I have 100% confidence in using it takes away the whole struggle of not being comfortable with my hands.

Hands are a part of our bodies which tend to go unnoticed but for me if my hands are chapped and starting to bleed because of the weather it really does play on my self esteem which is why since using this Neutrogena Hand-Cream I can feel confident using my hands everyday because I know they're protected most weather conditions.

The bonus part of this is it's budget friendly! I got a 75ml tube for just £2.39 and have included links below (along with the prices) of where you can find it. It is available in most shops and chemists if you have a nosy. 

Boots £3.69
Superdrug £2.45 £2.45

Have you tried Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream? What did you think of it?

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