You'd Never Believe it, But It's MARCH!

4 Mar 2016

How has the first week in March went by already? I can remember gearing myself up for January thinking it would drag in and now it's March! Did February even get a look in? Where has the time went? 

I'm waking up like a Queen this morning in hotel Dukes at Queens so while I've still got time to stay longer in bed I thought I'd write a little blog post summing up my favourites from January until now. 

I've had a pretty slow blogging process since the New Year started which is beginning to change. 

Arrow, Flash AND The 100 are back on UK screens and I couldn't be happier following on where things left off! 

I'm loving buying myself Flowers for my vases! Especially my favourite flowers Tulips!

I'm very very grateful for this little tube of brilliance which is Neutrogena Norwegian Hand Cream! I reviewed the product HERE. If you have sensitive, dry or chapped hands you need this. 

Can you believe it March? Do you think the time has flown by? Do you have any favourites up till now?

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