It wouldn't be Christmas without the music, songs which continue to be played every year are still the best. Classics which reach the charts each December and the "That's What I Call Christmas" album (I'm surprised they are not at Now 1000 because there's been so many) 
I'm starting my #blogmas17 today as my lovely, amazing, handsome fiance swept me away to the Stormont Hotel for whole of last weekend so it's best to say I've been in a complete bubble of happiness since! 

Ethan is just over 30 weeks and finally recognizing his own name which I something I wasn't 100% sure would happen. To make sure he understand it is his name I'm going to make sure I regularly say it to him. 
Good Morning, Happy Halloween and trick or treat! I love Halloween including this time of year. My sisters birthday, the October colours, Halloween and especially crunching on the leaves that have fallen from the trees. (Never gets old no matter your age) 
Ever thought about flying a plane? What it would be like to have a birdseye view of the world below? Well I have and this is my experience!

Online dating can be a daunting and embarrassing experience for anyone who gives it a go. Read my post HERE on why my first experience was daunting. I'm not ashamed to admit I was on a dating site. What's the harm in it? Celebrities like Hilary Duff and Anne Robinson gave it a go so why not YOU? 

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Last night my sister shared with me Yours Clothings #FaceOfYours competition and for awhile I contemplated whether to enter and then I came to the realisation that if you're not in then you can't win! I knew I wouldn't win if I didn't enter so at least by entering I have a chance! 

would really appreciate your vote and if you'd like to vote for me follow this link and read what I have to say about the competition!

Cats have always been an animal favourite of mine and even more now thanks to my little buddy Ethan. Incase you missed his introduction (How Could YOU?) Check it out HERE. When I heard Card Factory had a new range titled Catitude I just knew I was going to want if not all then the majority of the items! 

Wedding Fever - My Dad Got Married

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Is it just me or has wedding fever hit? The second wedding I'm at in just a short few months is my dads. On Friday 15 September I saw my dad marry his partner of 4 years in a lovely, intimate gathering hosted at the Carnalea Golf Club in Bangor. 

Autumnal Vibes Only! I'm feeling all Autumnal now that we're half way though the month of September. Colder weather, the nip in the morning air, dark mornings and even darker nights. How can anyone possibly not love this time of year? Especially given that it's burgundy season and Primarks most amazing time of year with scarves, gloves and wintry bags! I can't stop falling for Autumn! 

5 Things I've learnt in my life that you NEED to know!
Besides the obvious, world peace, a holiday to eat chocolate and for my fiance to quit going on about the amount of attention I give my cat there are some things in life a girl wants for her birthday. 
This morning I woke with a start, it was Ethan's first vet visit and I was more nervous than he was regarding his trip. Ethan was brave, unscared and honestly unfazed by the whole situation of getting his first vaccinations and letting the vet examine him. 

Currently exhausted from all the attention and unwanted handling he is fast alseep after demanding cuddles and sprawled out all over the sofa after abit of playtime. 

When I began researching vets I knew there were a few local ones which were well known about and I chose to opt for a new one to me which I've heard fantastic reviews about, from my experience with them I have to agree. One visit and I'm confident that Ethan is going to strive as he gets older and know the support and guidance from the vets is always there. 

What do you think of Ethan? Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments below. 
A concept I truly accepted recently is that some things really are worth waiting for. It was my two year anniversary and I waited a week for acknowledgement on it from my other half. I knew he had something up his sleeve and that it required alot of thought, time and consideration! 

I'm impatient to say the least and it was not easy one bit being kept in the dark regarding 'this gift' when everyone else knew! I did figure twig on what he was planning to get me and I'm thrilled with the outcome of it all. 

Readers meet Ethan! Ethan meet readers! 

Bright Morning, birds singing - perfect day for a wedding, On Sunday 9th July I attended my brothers wedding and watched him marry the love of his life. I've been to quite a few weddings and never seen a more glowing, beautiful happy bride. 

New Month, New Plans, New Goals! June is one of my favourite months, I love the weather (as we have a variety of it) and I love that it's basically the month that breaks the year. 
Weddings may sometimes have a strict dress code and depending on the bride and groom I believe it's best to check with them if you're unsure about an outfit. For my wedding I want a relaxed and calm atmosphere. I want my guests to feel comfortable in whatever they choose to wear so that everyone is able to have a good time and make memories. 

Tell Me Something I don't know about my body but do not call it *FAT* 

Words can leave a mark on someone more than any bruise or scratch can. Have you ever considered how your meaningless words can affect someone? Let it sink in that we now live in a world where whatever you say can leave a lasting impression on an individual that runs so deep they'll feel like their drowning. 

I've always been a fan of slogan tops especially ones which others could read and get a pick me up from or a 'can do' attitude which is why I have put together this list of 5 Positive Slogan T-shirts I believe you need in your closet! Psssht! There all from New Look! 

What better than glitter to wear with lace? Two of my favourite things to wear come hand in hand together in this outfit with these amazing heels and matching clutch bag from New Look along with lace leggings and flowy top from Yours Clothing. 
Christmas Eve 2016 my partner proposed and we were engaged, to say I was over the moon is an understatement. Flash Forward 5 months later and I believe I should have kept the news quiet and not announced it so quickly although wrapped up in excitement I couldn't hold off on not spilling the beans with family and friends. 

May Goals

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This month I've made the decision to try a could do list instead of a to-do list in the hope that I can take pressure away for not completing such millennial tasks I set myself. 

Thanks to my sister I discovered a new little haven in the middle of Belfast! Recently opened Lisa's Attic is a boutique with a difference, a major difference. They stock Plus-Size fashion, to say I'm surprised is a major understatement. 
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Spring has Sprung!

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Spring has definitely Sprung now April is here, with it being one of my favourite months I am happy as there quite a few things I'm looking forward to this month. 

Saying Goodbye To My Fur Baby

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It's never easy saying goodbye to someone you love and when that someone comes with a tail, four legs and fur it's worse. Can you really 'grieve?' 

After taking a break last May I have decided the time has come to push myself back into the world and the first step in beginning my way down that path is blogging! Blogging has always been a big influence on my life and something which I've enjoyed doing which is why I am excited to start writing on Voluptuous Chatterbox again.. especially as I have a little small thing to organise called . . . .  a . . .  wedding!

** Yep! I'm going to begin this in no date order but with the most happiest news! My partner proposed Christmas Eve 2016 in a personal and intimate way that was special. Ofcourse I said YES so that means I have a wedding to plan. Well in all honestly we have a wedding to plan, he seems to have quite a dew ideas himself and isn't to keen on my bookish or disney themes. (I'll have him in agreement soon though) 

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