Saying Goodbye To My Fur Baby

in , , , by Kerry-Ann, 3/19/2017
It's never easy saying goodbye to someone you love and when that someone comes with a tail, four legs and fur it's worse. Can you really 'grieve?' 

After taking a break last May I have decided the time has come to push myself back into the world and the first step in beginning my way down that path is blogging! Blogging has always been a big influence on my life and something which I've enjoyed doing which is why I am excited to start writing on Voluptuous Chatterbox again.. especially as I have a little small thing to organise called . . . .  a . . .  wedding!

** Yep! I'm going to begin this in no date order but with the most happiest news! My partner proposed Christmas Eve 2016 in a personal and intimate way that was special. Ofcourse I said YES so that means I have a wedding to plan. Well in all honestly we have a wedding to plan, he seems to have quite a dew ideas himself and isn't to keen on my bookish or disney themes. (I'll have him in agreement soon though) 

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