It's been quite a year...

16 Mar 2017

After taking a break last May I have decided the time has come to push myself back into the world and the first step in beginning my way down that path is blogging! Blogging has always been a big influence on my life and something which I've enjoyed doing which is why I am excited to start writing on Voluptuous Chatterbox again.. 

** I met Frank Mitchell at an event my local town was holding and couldn't resist snagging a selfie with him! He was so friendly and I'm so glad I got the bulls by the horn to ask him! 

** I started a Facebook page called Cosy Hand-Crafts to share all my creations which you can check out HERE

*** Last July I took a weekend break to Edinburgh and I had such an amazing time. Trying out a few different restaurants, visiting a gin distillery and even more attending RARE16 which was the sole purpose of the trip! Edinburgh is a beautiful city and I would definitely be happy to go back again to explore more of what the city has to offer. 

Read all about my bookish event HERE.

**** Cecelia Ahern returned to Easons Belfast to sign copies of her latest book Lyrebird so ofcourse my sister Megan and I had to attend that! After a few kind gentlemen let me bunk the que to join Megan we were excited to once again a meet one of our favourite authors and to this time get a picture of the three of us. 

My highlights of the day include Cecelia Ahern complimenting my dress, recognising my  book blog ( A Bookish Redhead )  and also knowing who I was when my sister mentioned I stalk her on Twitter! (Which is not true and thankfully she agreed) Read more about the signing PLUS how Megan and I got nabbed by a reporter HERE.

***** Something which shaped my 2016 was the loss of my pet cat Tiddles who I featured quite alot on my Instagram. It was heartbreaking having to let her go although on her last day I knew in my heart that I couldn't let her be in any pain but also not to be selfish to keep her for my benefit so I made the difficult decision to let her go to sleep with the advice from the vet as she sadly couldn't stand. Tiddles was 18, she had been my cat from aged 2 and having her in mine including my families life all those years, fellow pet owners will understand how much off a gap animals leave behind.

On 09/07/00 my dad took me to pick a cat from Assisi Animal Rescue Sanctuary for my 6th birthday, I chose Tiddles, the quiet, sleepy, purring cat on her bed and on 04/10/16 my dad was with me as we said goodbye. 

So much more happened in 2016 although the four above events that occurred are ones I wanted to talk about. Every new year people make resolutions and I have always been someone who did but not this year. I never stick to the resolutions I make or end up forgetting what they are which is why this year I am going to focus on becoming the best version of myself and continue to grow in strength, trust my instincts more and to talk! Talking is something which everyone should do. 

Things I'm looking forward to this year: 
  • My brothers wedding! 
  • My dads wedding!
  • Spring Fashion & Shopping
  • #PLLEndGame OMG who is A??
  • Beauty and the Beast movie
What was your year like? Have you taken a break from blogging and came back refreshed? Have you wrote a year in review post? I'd love to read it. 

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