Spring has Sprung!

1 Apr 2017

Spring has definitely Sprung now April is here, with it being one of my favourite months I am happy as there quite a few things I'm looking forward to this month. 

** April 3rd sees World Craft Week begin and continue through to April 9th. As crafting is one of my passions I am excited to share some creations on Voluptuous Chatterbox and will going crazy crafting on social media I'm sure! 

*** Chocolate! Easter... but chocolate! It's Easter which means Chocolate! I know what it means, I understand what it symbolises but sometimes just sometimes can it be just about the chocolate? I am wanting to bake an easter themed cake this year as I've been pinning inspiration for years to Pinterest so I think it's about time to actually attempt one! 

**** Spring Cleaning! I know... cleaning! Does anyone look forward to it? (like my mother who loves cleaning! I am determined with this new lease on motivation and determination to give my room a good clean and to change my decor! I have new little trinkets to add to my desk and I believe my bookshelves could do with a switch up! 

What are you looking forward to this month? Do you crafting? What's your favourite chocolate? 

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