Tell Me Something I don't know about my body but do not call it *FAT* 

Words can leave a mark on someone more than any bruise or scratch can. Have you ever considered how your meaningless words can affect someone? Let it sink in that we now live in a world where whatever you say can leave a lasting impression on an individual that runs so deep they'll feel like their drowning. 

I've always been a fan of slogan tops especially ones which others could read and get a pick me up from or a 'can do' attitude which is why I have put together this list of 5 Positive Slogan T-shirts I believe you need in your closet! Psssht! There all from New Look! 

What better than glitter to wear with lace? Two of my favourite things to wear come hand in hand together in this outfit with these amazing heels and matching clutch bag from New Look along with lace leggings and flowy top from Yours Clothing. 
Christmas Eve 2016 my partner proposed and we were engaged, to say I was over the moon is an understatement. Flash Forward 5 months later and I believe I should have kept the news quiet and not announced it so quickly although wrapped up in excitement I couldn't hold off on not spilling the beans with family and friends. 

May Goals

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This month I've made the decision to try a could do list instead of a to-do list in the hope that I can take pressure away for not completing such millennial tasks I set myself. 

Thanks to my sister I discovered a new little haven in the middle of Belfast! Recently opened Lisa's Attic is a boutique with a difference, a major difference. They stock Plus-Size fashion, to say I'm surprised is a major understatement. 
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