A Summer Bucket List

This Summer I am determined to have a fantastic time, I have a new leash of life and I want to take every opportunity that comes my way and face it head on which is why I plan on making the most of any sunshine and time I get with my amazing fiance and family. 

He doesn't quite know it yet but I have a jam packed list all ready for us to complete in the next couple of months. There's so much that my home country has to offer that I've never been as grateful for it as now. I always wanted to travel and discover new places away from Northern Ireland which is why I never appreciated just what is right on my doorstep. 

Take a walk through Botanic Gardens

Visit the Tayto Factory

Spend hours at the beach

Have a picnic

visit somewhere new to me in Belfast

Giants Causeway

Have a water fight

Get into a swimming pool/lake/ocean

Mount Stewart

Titanic Quarter

Have Ice-cream outside

Ulster Folk & Transport Museum/Ulster Museum

There will be more added to this list and I am determined to share all my trips out with loads of pictures. I took a stroll through Botanic Gardens a couple of years ago which is how I captured this stunning photo, it definitely makes me want to return. 

How do you plan on spending your Summer? Any holidays? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. This perhaps tells me I watched The Fall a few times too often - that was a location they filmed at, I recognised it straight away! I have never been to Ireland and I live half a world away in Australia. :) Such a gorgeous building.

    1. It is beautiful! Especially inside although very very warm! Each time I go in I have to come back out every so often for air. I'm shocked that you live in Australia and know of such a place that is so local to me. :) I appreciate it more now.

  2. I really want to go to mount Stewart ca n you just imagine those #bookstagram pictures I could take.

    1. I know! The pictures would be epic! We need to go.. also to the Tayto factory.. for urm insta pics as well! ;)