#FatShaming - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

29 May 2017

Tell Me Something I don't know about my body but do not call it *FAT* 

Words can leave a mark on someone more than any bruise or scratch can. Have you ever considered how your meaningless words can affect someone? Let it sink in that we now live in a world where whatever you say can leave a lasting impression on an individual that runs so deep they'll feel like their drowning. 

View from Strangford Lough overlooking Scrabo Tower, Copyright Voluptuous Chatterbox
Laughter, sunshine and children chasing pigeons on the City Hall grounds so they would frighten the living wits out of me in the bustling city of Belfast. I was quick to notice yesterday afternoon that the more of a reaction I gave to pigeons flying over me the more fun children were having. I am not a fan of birds although my sister in hysterical laughs along with the little un's laughing, how could I not have continued with my over reactions. 

It sounds like a lovely, sunny, peaceful day doesn't it? Sunshine with a sense of peace which are so far and between these days because we all know what our British weather is like though also as far as the sense of peace goes, everyone was enjoying their own moment. 

Have you ever sat still in a city and people watched? They walk, run and jog so quick it's difficult to concentrate on one person as they're gone in a flash. Yesterday however it was calming to see people were taking their time, relaxing and as I mentioned above enjoying their own moment. 

All it takes is one person to ruin it. One small minded little person that believes they have the right to publicly shame me because of what they see. 'What a massive fat c**t' There I was minding my own business when two men not that much older than me staggered past and voiced their unwanted opinion whilst maintaining eye contact. 

I'd had a lovely morning so far with my sister in Belfast shopping, nosying about the shops for wedding guest dresses and also enjoying a lovely lunch in Castlecourt. But all it takes is one person to ruin it with their poisoned words.... IF. YOU. LET. IT! 

I'd had a stressful day on Thursday and I'd like to know if those men knew what had happened to me would they have still insulted me although either way those words do not leave the lasting impression on me than they may have done quite a few years ago. 

Listen up fellas! Tell me something I don't know about my body but do not call it FAT! Have you heard the old saying I may have fat but that does not make me fat similar to I can wear blue eye shadow but does that secretly make me a smurf?

Health reasons, eating disorders, PERSONAL CHOICE all may play a factor in how someone chooses to (or doesn't)  look. Notice though it's their choice? I have never once went out of my way to publicly (or privately) insult someone. So don't you either! 

I'm at a stage in my life where those comments no longer effect me the way they may have done quite a few years ago although just because I'm at that stage necessarily won't mean that everyone is. Your words can be the tipping point for someone, they could sew themselves so deep in an individuals mind that tangled up they'll be forever. 

When you walk past someone who isn't boxed in the way you would like keep your derogatory, racist, sexist jibes to yourself. No one wants nor needs them. 

Also a little side note from me to you. If you would like to tell me something about my body tell me something I don't know as I'm sure I've heard every word under the sun someone can throw at me and right now I'm bored of hearing the same thing. 

Read. Breathe. Share. 

What do you think after reading my post? Have you ever been insulted publicly whilst minding your own business? Let me know the comments below. 

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