May Goals

8 May 2017

This month I've made the decision to try a could do list instead of a to-do list in the hope that I can take pressure away for not completing such millennial tasks I set myself. 

My May Goals are as follows:

* Pay it Forward 

Last week I was waiting on the bus when a guy was walking past and asked me if I wanted his return ticket as he didn't need it, after I insisted on paying him for it and him refusing he smiled, told me he didn't need it and was on his way. It was such a kind thing to do that it highlighted my whole week and continues to make me smile, such a small gesture which I hope he knows how much I appreciated. Just as I was starting to doubt peoples intentions this happens. 

To pay it forward I took a picture of a family of tourists although I know there is still something I can do to hopefully make someones day. 

* Wake up early and have breakfast

It's such a small task that I often don't do, I tend to skip breakfast alot which is why this month I am wanting to start focusing on getting ready for the day ahead which begins with breakfast. 

* Pay a compliment

* Drink more water 

I'm determined to record my water intake on my phone app and drink the recommended 8 glasses a day. 

* Get more sleep 

Do you have any goals you hope to accomplish this month?

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