Christmas Eve 2016 my partner proposed and we were engaged, to say I was over the moon is an understatement. Flash Forward 5 months later and I believe I should have kept the news quiet and not announced it so quickly although wrapped up in excitement I couldn't hold off on not spilling the beans with family and friends. 

Obviously the ring would have been a giveaway if I'd met anyone out on the street but for one night... just one precious night I got to enjoy being engaged and revel in the happiness that this smart, charming man who I love wanted to one day walk down the aisle, (Even if he was snoring his head off at after 9pm)

After that, everything is a game changer.

When you announce your engagement there's no taking it in or enjoying this wonderful thing that's happened in your life. It seems to all be go, go, go with the people around you including but not excluding family, friends and perfectly good strangers who happen to know a friend of your aunts friend. They gush and they smile about how happy they are for you and then it's the same questions relatively all women (not men) are on the receiving end of. 

When's the big day? What colour scheme are you going for? What season are you favouring? Are you losing weight for your big day? Who is the bridesmaid? What's the menu going to be like? Will kids be there? Where is the location? What about the seating plan? 

The dreaded seating plan because gosh forbid you have to sit for hours and mull over whether aunt Freda and aunt Rita will be civil to each other on the one day you need them to be because if not.. then that's several more hours spent agonizing over the seating plan. 

In the end continuously worrying regarding every little detail the enjoyment has slowly been sucked away from being engaged. What happened to enjoying the moment with your fiance?  

Everyone wants to offer their words of wisdom, advice and ideas. They also from my experience want to let you know very pointedly their preferences regarding possible locations, food and music. The advice which individuals throw upon you from every angle because they believe you're an incompetent idiot that does not have the slightest clue because of your age what you want or how to budget. I am however going to blog about my ideas, tips and complain about every little detail that rattles my cage along the way related to wedding planning and not sugar coat anything.

The one question I have highlighted in bold is for explaining on another day. For now, I'm going to enjoy being engaged because I didn't say YES for everyone else. I said YES for myself. Just like you're not having a wedding for everyone else you're having a wedding because you have found a missing piece to your puzzle, your other half, you've fallen in love and and want to continue to grow with them and build a life. I need to keep telling myself this because at the start I was trying to keep everybody in mind when going through possible venues, seating plans and seasons when in reality I need to take a step back and think about who this day is actually for. My Fiance and me. 

The only advice I am looking for is recommendations on photographers, caterers and wedding dresses for the plus-size woman. If you can offer any help on that it would be massively appreciated. 

What do you think of this post? Was the experience similar when you announced your engagement? How did you get past all the obstacles? Let me know in the comments below. 
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  1. I love your blog makeover - it's stunning! I didn't really have much of an engagement before the wedding plans kicked in. It wasn't even romantic in the slightest - after I'd nearly died from my ectopic pregnancy it was a kinda mutual "Shall we get married?!" After that I went straight into the planning to take my mind off my loss. I'm sorry things have turned a bit serious and spoiled the fun of it for you. I hope you get to enjoy your partner and all the good stuff from now on. You're marrying each other, not all the associated hassle. xx

    1. Thanks so much Leah! It's taken me quite awhile to find a design I like! :) I'm sorry you went through something so traumatic. There are no words for describing anything like that. You are definitely right, at the end of the day will the extra fairy lights have really been worth it? I keep telling him that I want the marriage not the wedding.. Thanks so much for the positive words. xx


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