Weddings may sometimes have a strict dress code and depending on the bride and groom I believe it's best to check with them if you're unsure about an outfit. For my wedding I want a relaxed and calm atmosphere. I want my guests to feel comfortable in whatever they choose to wear so that everyone is able to have a good time and make memories. 


What I don't want my guests to wear are as follows:

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1, Plain White or Ivory

Only the bride wears white or ivory,  it's a well known fact that everyone knows! I want to be the traditional bride that wears a flowy white gown. Do not try to upstage me by wearing the same colour. 

2, Short skirts, dresses that don't leave much to the imagination! 

This is a wedding not a party! Okey dokey? Knee length dress? Perfect! Above the knee fine.. anything more? No! Just... No! Athough a celebration there is a time and a place to get your glad rags out!

3, Trainers or flip flops

Trainers are for walking or working out.... unless the weddings happening on an exotic island forgo the £1.50 flip flops from Primark! (Ofcourse bring them for the night do to dance in or go barefoot, I know I will be!) 

4, The colour black

As an old tale if a guest was seen as wearing black it meant they were protesting against the wedding, as far as I am concerned if you are invited to my wedding then do not wear black unless the clothing has a bright print on it. (No animal print though)

5, Jeans, trackies or shorts

I don't know why I should have to mention this but it's not a night out with the girls or nipping out to the shops! Leave the denim especially at home. 

Do you agree with the options I have chosen? Is there anything I have not included that you would? Let me know in the comments! 
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