New Month, New Plans, New Goals! June is one of my favourite months, I love the weather (as we have a variety of it) and I love that it's basically the month that breaks the year. 

Before jumping right in and rambling about the upcoming month I want to look back and reflect on May. If you remember, I wrote a 'could do' list instead of a 'to do' list to take pressure of myself on completing small tasks. 

Pay it forward - 

I took a picture of a family from China who were holidaying in Belfast! We didn't understand each other but we both understood our hand gestures and their teenage daughter helped when I was communicating with her parents. 

Drink more Water - 

I am impressed myself with the amount of water I've drank. I still want to continue to drink plenty more as it's definitely benefiting my body. 

Get more sleep -

I have definitely been attempting to get into a sleep pattern though I'm happy that I've gotten alot more sleep this month. 

I've been busy on Voluptuous Chatterbox blogging away and I still have alot in mind of what I'd like to talk about on here which hopefully you'll read in the next couple of months as I continue to be inspired  by everyday events, travelling and different aspects of my life which are beginning. 

Discussions - 

Style/Fashion -

Local Loves: A New Discovery - Lisa's Attic


A Summer Bucket List

My Goals for the month of June include:

Drinking more water

Walk more

Continue writing about topics I want to write about

Primp & Preen myself for my brothers wedding

Create a space for crafting/blogging/work in my space

Create a positivity wall

Quit a habit

Coming up on Voluptuous Chatterbox in June - 

Guess our Size, The Question You Need To Stop Asking Women. 

What do you have planned for the month of June? Do you have any goals? Let me know in the comments below. 
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