New Month, New Plans, New Goals! June is one of my favourite months, I love the weather (as we have a variety of it) and I love that it's basically the month that breaks the year. 

Before jumping right in and rambling about the upcoming month I want to look back and reflect on May. If you remember, I wrote a 'could do' list instead of a 'to do' list to take pressure of myself on completing small tasks. 

Pay it forward - 

I took a picture of a family from China who were holidaying in Belfast! We didn't understand each other but we both understood our hand gestures and their teenage daughter helped when I was communicating with her parents. 

Drink more Water - 

I am impressed myself with the amount of water I've drank. I still want to continue to drink plenty more as it's definitely benefiting my body. 

Get more sleep -

I have definitely been attempting to get into a sleep pattern though I'm happy that I've gotten alot more sleep this month. 

I've been busy on Voluptuous Chatterbox blogging away and I still have alot in mind of what I'd like to talk about on here which hopefully you'll read in the next couple of months as I continue to be inspired  by everyday events, travelling and different aspects of my life which are beginning. 

Discussions - 

Style/Fashion -

Local Loves: A New Discovery - Lisa's Attic


A Summer Bucket List

My Goals for the month of June include:

Drinking more water

Walk more

Continue writing about topics I want to write about

Primp & Preen myself for my brothers wedding

Start wedding planning (cake testing counts, right?)

Create a space for crafting/blogging/work in my space

Create a positivity wall

Quit a habit

Coming up on Voluptuous Chatterbox in June - 

Guess our Size, The Question You Need To Stop Asking Women, Mr partner goes flying & More! 

What do you have planned for the month of June? Do you have any goals? Let me know in the comments below. 
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