Ethan's Diary - First Visit To The Vets

9 Aug 2017

This morning I woke with a start, it was Ethan's first vet visit and I was more nervous than he was regarding his trip. Ethan was brave, unscared and honestly unfazed by the whole situation of getting his first vaccinations and letting the vet examine him. 

Currently exhausted from all the attention and unwanted handling he is fast alseep after demanding cuddles and sprawled out all over the sofa after abit of playtime. 

When I began researching vets I knew there were a few local ones which were well known about and I chose to opt for a new one to me which I've heard fantastic reviews about, from my experience with them I have to agree. One visit and I'm confident that Ethan is going to strive as he gets older and know the support and guidance from the vets is always there. 

What do you think of Ethan? Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments below. 

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