A concept I truly accepted recently is that some things really are worth waiting for. It was my two year anniversary and I waited a week for acknowledgement on it from my other half. I knew he had something up his sleeve and that it required alot of thought, time and consideration! 

I'm impatient to say the least and it was not easy one bit being kept in the dark regarding 'this gift' when everyone else knew! I did figure twig on what he was planning to get me and I'm thrilled with the outcome of it all. 

Readers meet Ethan! Ethan meet readers! 

 Many know that I lost of cat Tiddles of roughly 18 years last October which is why my partner knew how much of an animal person I was that we rescued Ethan just like I had Tiddles. Read more about me saying goodbye to my furbaby HERE

I was and will continue to be sad in a way with Ethan as I always vowed I could never get another cat although I have came around and now know I could not have another female cat. 

Ethan is 9 weeks old and it was kind as if he picked us, not us picking him! I originally wanted his sisters Eva or Emily although quiet, reserved and peaceful kitten sisters were a package deal and when Ethan took to Liam like a duck on water I knew he had to have been special. 

I will remember the moment we just 'knew' I had set the carrier on the floor he walked over sat down inside it then lay down inside and looked at us as if saying *I'm ready to go home now* Eva  had tested the cage out but much to shy she wasn't keen. I am happy to report though that they have both been rehomed together. 

Ethan is energetic, feisty, stubborn and a boss! I love him already and he's got everyone putty in his paws by his innocent face. 

Ethan will be mentioned and gushed about quite regularly now on Volupuous Chatterbox, he is a so spoilt already with love, attention, gifts and toys that he's going to be thinking he's royalty! 

I am so happy that Liam knew exactly what I needed and wanted without me even saying, it's made me realise that some things are worth waiting for and I need to be more patient. I couldn't have asked or wished for more. I'm just left pondering what he'll pull out of the bag for our 3rd anniversary?  😉😉😉

What do you think of Ethan? Do you think he's as perfect as I do? Let me know in the comments below. 

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