Wedding Fever - My Dad Got Married

19 Sept 2017

Is it just me or has wedding fever hit? The second wedding I'm at in just a short few months is my dads. On Friday 15 September I saw my dad marry his partner of 4 years in a lovely, intimate gathering hosted at the Carnalea Golf Club in Bangor. 

The views, grounds and buildings were all stunning and a picture perfect setting for a wedding. The bride and groom looked lovely and handsome in their outfits, the dress in particular I thought was beautiful and elegant. 

The first dance - waow! You know those dances on Youtube that start of romantic and slow then end up being a full on party dance well colour me surprised when that unfolded right in front of my eyes. Starting their first dance to Aerosmith - Close My Eyes then halfway through they jumped into gangnam style! All the guests yelled at the same time and you heard a collective gasp! It was absolutely incredible. 

Once again the candy cart made by my dad himself was set up for the kids which they loved. One thing I don't have a picture of is the selfie framed stand he made to match the candy cart. I loved it! 

My Sister & I
The navy maxi dress I'm wearing is from ASOS and was a fab bargain at £20 on sale! It fit comfortably, although was a bit big at the chest for me so I pinned it. I absolutely LOVE my sisters dress also from ASOS which is Lovedrobe. 

My cousin, me & sister

The day was made to me thanks to the company of my cousin, her hubby, my aunt and uncle which are her parents. I haven't laughed the way I did with them in so long that it felt amazing to just not care but get lost in the moment laughing. I had so much fun and many fits of giggles thanks to them! 

What do you think of the dresses? Have you ever been to the Carnalea Golf Club? Let me know what you think of think in the comments below. 

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