Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat

31 Oct 2017

Good Morning, Happy Halloween and trick or treat! I love Halloween including this time of year. My sisters birthday, the October colours, Halloween and especially crunching on the leaves that have fallen from the trees. (Never gets old no matter your age) 
I've been celebrating Halloween for the last couple of days dressing up, playing games and also sharing time with my family, check out some of pictures and videos below including the one of me getting pie faced! You don't wanna miss it! 

Ofcourse Ethan had to get in there somehow he kept trying to nab my wings! 
Mum & William
Me, Megan, Mum!

Spider Cookies - such a fun, cheerful, cheap and easy treat to make for Halloween! An old tutor of mine made there one day and since then I've been making them every year. They are so tasty! Definitely worth a try! 

For the moment you've been waiting for... Watch below to see me get pie faced. On Saturday Night for a bit of fun I played this with Mum, William which was hilarious and loads of fun! 

What do you think of my outfit? What did you dress up as? Do you celebrate Halloween? Let me know in the comments section below. Happy Halloween! 

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