The Day I flew A Plane (FOR REAL!)

30 Oct 2017

Ever thought about flying a plane? What it would be like to have a birdseye view of the world below? Well I have and this is my experience!

First I should point out I flew a Cessna 172 and although I was nervous on the day (as anyone would be) I did it! As part of my birthday present in August I was bought a 30 minute lesson with instructor Andy and waow what an experience it was!

Liam would mention it daily when was I going to book in and the best thing to get him off my back was to book it, I wanted to do it although living near the Airfield I hear and see them taking off on a daily basis and have never felt the urge to go up in one.

Climbing in the plane was a laugh I think Liam had enjoyed that bit quite alot. 

I would encourage anyone to book in for a lesson as it's something I would love to do in the future again. The instructor was professional, easy going and literally made me feel at ease at all times. 

 What do you think of taking a flying lesson? Would you give it a go? Let me know in the comments below.

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