Ethan's Diary - 30 Weeks & Still A Kitten

9 Nov 2017

Ethan is just over 30 weeks and finally recognizing his own name which I something I wasn't 100% sure would happen. To make sure he understand it is his name I'm going to make sure I regularly say it to him. 


Since Ethans last Diary entry he has been neutered and is still chasing his tail. I'm waiting for the day he realises his tail is attached to him. 

Play Time:

Including his tail another one of Ethan's favourite things to play with are potatoes and milk carton tops which he has been learning to play fetch with. 



His favourite treats from Whiskas have disappeared. I've searched everywhere and nowhere seems to be stocking them, I find it's hard to buy food and treats for Cats never mind Kittens and those wee milky treats which are for 2-12 months have vanished!

Royal Canin remains his favourite food and I'm quite happy for it to stay that way as I've recently discovered a local pet shop that stocks it. 


I'm always looking for a bargain and when I spied cheaper, larger quantity  alternative brands other than the regular Catsan I was using I jumped at the chance! I tried the Lidl Non Odour and Centra own brand but my opinion of them isn't great! From the greyish colour to the clumping I am not a fan. It clumped in a big ball and stuck to the bottom of the litter tray so cleaning it was a bummer! Safe to stay I'm sticking with Catsan much to Ethan's Delight! 


Ethan is now insured with Agria after his vets switched from PetPlan to Agria I thought I'd sign Ethan up with them and I'm happy to say the correspondence has been excellent. 

With it being Christmas next month and Ethan's first I'm so excited to see what he's like with the Tree, present and bows on the presents! I know for a fact it will be an adventure! 

That's it for Ethan's Diary Entry today but don't forget to follow him on Instagram for more  pictures, antics and adventures @mrethan17

What do you think of Ethan? Can you believe he's grown so much in just the space of a short few months? Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments below or even tweet me a picture of your pet on Twitter @KerryAnn93

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