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Thank U, NEXT!

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"Thank U, NEXT!"

'Shout Out To My Ex' if your 'Lips Are Movin',  'Get Me Outta Here'! This Ultimate Breakup playlist is for any woman who is a 'Survivor.' 
'Look What You Made Me Do' 

Fight For a World Without Dementia

The Ultimate Birthday Gift Wish List

A Could Do List For The Month Ahead

25 in 25 - A Look Back At a Goal List

After Swimming!
Face Your Fears: They can't hold you hostage!
Ethan's Diary: Escape To The Garden

The Best Ways to Find Freebies Online

This weeks Tuesday Ten is all about Ten shows I've Loved on Netflix. 

Netflix, the place where nearly everyone goes to enjoy some of the best TV programs all from the comfort of your very home. 

1 ) Gossip Girl
2 ) Pretty Little Liars
3 ) Heartland
4 ) Riverdale 
5 ) Dynasty
6 ) Shadow Hunters
7 ) Chesapeake Shores
8 ) The Originals
9 ) 13 Reasons Why
10 ) Greenhouse Academy 

Have you watched any of the above shows? What did/do you think of them? 

Liam and I stayed recently in the Stormont Hotel to get a taste of what the decor and service were like. With the idea of perhaps hosting our wedding there, I wanted the chance to honestly tell my guests what it was like if they asked so we took it upon ourselves to book a Saturday and Sunday Night. 

Dear Diary, 

Good Morning May Readers, 

Can you believe we are starting our fifth month of 2018? I am wondering where all the time has gone as it should be February but alas we are in May. Tomorrow I will have a post up about all what I'm up to this month including my April favourites but for now and a little while I am going the Eat, Sleep Blog & Repeat! 
Imagine this - A small picturesque barge moored in the city centre of Belfast opposite the Waterfront Theatre offering a relaxing, calm and friendly restaurant serving quality, locally sourced dishes that anyone can enjoy. 

I've joined Youtube!

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I can include my brother in this post, right?
You're invited to a tea party!

OCD is often exaggerated in the media and commonly embraced regarding cleaning which is why I'm amazed at Coronation Streets latest story line starring Colson Smith as character Craig Tinkers compulsions and rituals  escalate in a way that refrains him from leaving the house until a certain time, turning switches off and on left right and centre which continues until it feels *just right*

On Saturday night I caught up with a friend to go see Fifty Shades Freed in a local cinema, I was cautious before the film had even started that it may not be all I had anticipated, especially since it was the last and final installment starring actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan based on the book by NYT bestselling author E.L James. 

It's hard to believe Ethan is 42 weeks and still a kitten! I often wonder if he will ever be a full grown cat! 

Watching, Reading, Crafting - My January Favourites
2018 is going to be one hellava time for films especially considering Mamma Mia 2 is coming to the big screen, the long anticipated release AND final installment in the Fifty Shades Trilogy - Fifty Shades Freed is out in February PLUS there's Charming, a light-hearted fairytale. 

Hello January

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Hello January, 
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