Hello January

8 Jan 2018

Hello January, 

Has it really been a fortnight since Christmas Day braced us with it's presence? I had planned over the Christmas Period to sit down, plan and write out blog posts for the next few weeks although I never really had the wantingness to and I'm actually feeling okay with that as I spent time with my family, I decided to look after my mental health and instead of sticking myself in front of a laptop screen I did a couple of jigsaw puzzles, coloured in and even treated myself to a couple of Hot Chocolate dates one which was in the Hotel Chocolate in Belfast which I will definitely be returning to but more on that is coming up this week! 

I hope whoever is reading this blog post had a fun, relaxing and happy Christmas and New Year! On New Christmas Day I stuffed myself rotten with mash, veg and ice cream then boxing day I had my second Christmas dinner at my dads. On Christmas Day things took a bit of a turn when my family and I put ourselves into teams for a trivia game and I realised how competitive I was.. (I won though!) 

2017 was quite an eventful year which is why I am going to write a wrap up of my year in a separate blog post. 

2018 is also going to be a fantastic year as I can just feel it, this year I'm most looking forward to spending a couple days away with my mum and sister. Just the 3 of us, with my mum turning 50, my sister 30 and I 25 we have never been away just the 3 of us which is something I've always wanted and also included it in my 25 in 25 list. 

The Titanic Quarter Belfast Book Signing is finally here (well in March) I've been looking forward to this so much as it's Megan's first multiple author book signing. 

2018 for me is all about taking a journey of who I want to be within myself and to express hat I really feel. I don't want to set myself any new years resolutions or out of this world fitness challenges as I know I'd end up breaking them but this year I do want to liven things up and start writing what I want to write. Wouldn't it be great if we could write what we wanted and express our opinion without it coming back to bite us on the backside when we go searching for jobs? Not anything that will cause offence or harm to another but just an honest open opinion? Well that's what I'm hoping to build up the courage to do! 

How was your Christmas and New Year? Do you set yourself New Years Resolutions? Let me know in the comments below. 

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