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16 Jan 2018

One store I never imagined myself shopping in was Holland & Barrett although once I started googling Vegan Jelly I came across the very store I'd never been in my whole life. Since discovering their unique variety of foods and sweets I will definitely continue to be back. 

As a child I ate meat, drank milk and even shockingly loved eggs, clock on to the time this little redheaded animal loving child cottoned on to eating farm animals everything changed. I wanted a pig as a pet not for my plate which is when I took it upon myself to stop eating meat.

At the time my parents believed I'd grow out of my little faze and unbeknownst to me continued to feed me foods which were nowhere near veggie friendly but nowadays a five year old is very different to when I was that age and who was I to question my parents that chicken nuggets weren't really chicken? 

Close to 20 years I've been a full Vegetarian. There are so many names for everything these days that I most likely am something more smancy. There's been more meat products, nothing which I grew out off and definitely not anymore jelly until now. 

Discovering Holland & Barretts Jelly Crystals is like getting a piece of my childhood back and stocking them in both Strawberry and Raspberry flavours for only £1.25 a bag you'd be silly NOT to give them a go. 

Winter months, temperature dropping it cannot be just me that day dreams about getting to jammies on a cold evening with a  mug of Hot Chocolate? Well now I'm able to add a few mallows to make it all the better and comforting. Pricing at £2.50  a bag these are gone quickly with me so yes it is sometimes best not to think about paying a fiver for to bags and just looking forward to scoffing them. 

Available also from the Free From Fellows at Holland & Barrett include Midget Gems, Cola Bottles and gummy bears. 

What do you think of Holland & Barrett? Is it somewhere you would shop? Have you tried the items mentioned above? Let me know in the comments below.

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