Become OCD Aware with Coronation Streets Storyline

28 Feb 2018

OCD is often exaggerated in the media and commonly embraced regarding cleaning which is why I'm amazed at Coronation Streets latest story line starring Colson Smith as character Craig Tinkers compulsions and rituals  escalate in a way that refrains him from leaving the house until a certain time, turning switches off and on left right and centre which continues until it feels *just right*

I've wrote about my OCD in past posts (one which you can read HERE) and commented on my frustrations with many labeling themselves as 'a little OCD' when in fact there is no such thing! OCD is a debilitating, exhausting disorder which consumes so much time that in Craig Tinkers experience confines him from even leaving the house.

I could not let hold my tongue on this and I believe it's great that Coronation Street is embracing this side of the disorder as since it's started I've had family ask me questions on what I think of  it and also if that's what it really is like when for years they didn't understand it or were misinformed on what OCD really is. 

Triggered by something that may never be discovered or known I believe if you are suffering from OCD or believe you know someone who is check out and share the websites below or speak to your GP.

Have you been watching the continuing storyline? What do you think of the actors behaviour? Let me know  in the comments below! 

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