Ethan's Diary - Christmas, Snow & In the Tree!

2 Feb 2018

It's hard to believe Ethan is 42 weeks and still a kitten! I often wonder if he will ever be a full grown cat! 

We've had quite an exciting month. After struggling to find a bag of Catsan locally I decided to use Centra and Spars own which unfortunately left Ethan with needing a trip to the vets and 7 day course of antibiotics which I'm thankful he took with no struggle. 

It was when Ethan's mouth started looking swollen I was unsure if it was teething or a reaction, then his litter tray started having a bad odour I knew a trip to the vets was needed!

The vets confirmed that a change in litter was most likely the problem which Ethan had an allergic reaction to.

Right now Ethan is doing much better although I do believe as the vets mentioned also the puffiness around his mouth is in regards to teething as well. 

Catsan I've came to the conclusion is the one we will continue to use as there is no hassle or problems with it! Note to future self: Don't run out! 


Ethan was spoilt on his first Christmas and loved all the attention! His advent calendar went down a treat.. not that he ate them, nopes! Ethan decided to play with the treats!

Ethan experienced the snow for the first time,  Ethan is an indoor cat although I did hold him and set him down in the snow which he seemed to enjoy for a split second then decided he wanted lifted again!

What do you think of Ethan? Can you believe he's grown so much in just the space of a short few months? Do you have any pets? Let me know in the comments below or even tweet me a picture of your pet on Twitter @KerryAnn93 and don't forget to follow Ethan on Instagram @MrEthan17

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