Fifty Shades Freed - Movie Thoughts & Feelings

20 Feb 2018

On Saturday night I caught up with a friend to go see Fifty Shades Freed in a local cinema, I was cautious before the film had even started that it may not be all I had anticipated, especially since it was the last and final installment starring actors Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan based on the book by NYT bestselling author E.L James. 

Let me take you way back to the beginning, Fifty Shades of Grey I couldn't get enough of and actually went to the cinema five times to see it! Some say obsessed, I say making sure I didn't miss anything important!The following of the book, keeping in important and fan favourite moments such as the elevator scene was necessary for it to be a hit and it was! 

Fifty Shades Darker was different, it felt jumbled or rushed but I'm a fan which is why I continued to enjoy it despite my ongoing awkwardness about it even to this day I love it but I'm mixed about it.. although moving on to the last and final installment?

Fifty Shades Freed was great, as a fan you couldn't have asked for anything else, they followed the book, kept things in place and I loved the little snippets at the start before it quietened down and settled into a pace because the first chapters in the book are all of Ana thinking back and flitting to the now and there's only so much of a 300 something paged book you can fit into an hour or more movie...

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My only theory is I believe I need to go again and watch it to get my thoughts in a proper order. 

Have you watch Fifty Shades Freed? What are your thoughts on the movie? Are you a fan? Let me know in the comments below! 

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