International Women's Day - #PressForProgress

8 Mar 2018

I can include my brother in this post, right?

2018 for me is the year to celebrate WOMEN! Now more than ever Women are stepping out, standing up, speaking, confessing or living their life without restrictions. 

From world movements #MeToo and #TimesUp with the amazing support from both men and other women more and more inspiring, remarkable women and men are telling the truth without shame or embarrassment and confidently standing tall with the world to see them as human. 

International Women's Day is not about Men bashing or feminism - International Womens Day is about parity. The right for equality and fairness. It's for no discrimination, no pay gap but for entitlement!  

Today I want to encourage you to #PressForProgress and be a positive influence in the community around you! No matter how big or small a change it will make all the difference. If there is something you believe in, do not see the difficulty, see the outcome and persist. 

The most influential women that inspire and motivate me are the women around me everyday, friends and family especially one that I will be highlighting this Sunday for Mothers Day. My Mum!

If I end up to be half the woman she is I will be one very happy lady! My mum's strength is out of this world, she has and continues to provide support, happiness, laughter, tears and a helping hand or listening ear when needed or wanted. My biggest cheerleader in my life who I wouldn't change for anything. 

What do you think of International Women's Day? Who are some women that inspire and motivate you? Let me know in the comments below!

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