The Best Ways to Find Freebies Online

17 May 2018

The Best Ways to Find Freebies Online

Imagine how amazing it would be if your mailbox was full of freebies every other day. Well, you can get there by getting freebies online whenever they are available. If you get into a habit of doing it frequently, you will even forget a few things that you ordered. Of course, you might be a little busy that you forget to stay on top of these freebies. For instance, you might go for them crazily for a while and forget about it for a few weeks.

However, anyone who loves freebies will always come back later for them. That’s why you need to know where to get them and the right time to make sure you’re not missing out on anything. Here are some useful tips to help you score on freebies most of the time.

Sites That Offer Freebies

If you do a quick search online, you will find a lot of sites out there offering money saving advice. Here are a few of those blogs that you can take advantage of to get a lot of freebies. Even better, you can check their social media updates regularly to make sure you are maximizing the number of freebies you are getting.

a) WOW FreeStuff - You can get access to some of the best UK free samples out there. Additionally, you can find information about other types of deals. Visit the freebies category found at the top of the site to find out more about the available freebies for you.

b) HotUkDeals - This blog is useful for various types of deals as well as freebies. If there are any freebies currently in circulation, you should definitely visit the site to find them there. You can skip all the deals and visit the freebies options directly to save more time.

c) Offer Oasis - Unlike the first 2 blogs mentioned above that offer both deals and freebies, this site handles freebies primarily. You will actually come across very few coupons or deals. 

Advice about Getting Freebies

1. It’s not a good idea to order something you will never use simply because it is free. You will end up hoarding a lot of useless clutter in your home. However, you can order such items when you are planning to donate them to people who actually need them.

2. Use a junk email and fake phone number when asking for freebies to be on the safe side. You certainly, want to avoid excessive spam and unwanted phone calls later on.

3. Don’t request for freebies from companies you have never heard of, especially if they sound or look sketchy. There are a lot of scammers out there, especially when it comes to freebies, and they might get access to your email and home address.

4. Use social media to your advantage by following some of the blogs listed above and many more. Adjust your settings to allow you access to any new posts. Freebies go off the rack very fast so if you are getting notifications, you will not miss out on the best offers.

Keep in mind that if these posts are updated regularly, the notifications might become annoying with time so you can find a way to balance everything. There are also text alerts available with some of the blogs so you can opt for them when new offers are posted to get the best ones.

How To Use Your Freebies

a) Summer Holiday - The travel size conditioners and shampoos will come in handy when you are traveling. That way, you can save on your closet space and bring more bikinis, shoes or clothes whenever you are traveling.

b) Guests - Do you receive guests all the time and actually have a separate guest room for them? Well, you can create a small basket to place the shampoo, medicine samples or toothpaste. You can add anything that you feel your guests will appreciate when they are visiting your home.

c) Gifts - Are you wondering the type of gifts to give your friends for any special occasion? You can buy a simple bag and fill it with various makeup samples. They will definitely appreciate it.

d) Your Own Use - How many times do you run out of things like lotion, shampoo or conditioner before you get time to go shopping? Well, any of these freebies will come in handy on any occasion.

e) Donations - You can create Ziploc bags, fill them with food samples, meds, deodorant, toothpaste and cash, only if you can afford it and hand them out to homeless or the needy.

With these amazing tips for hunting and using freebies, you surf the internet should definitely bring up a lot of exciting freebies. Your mailbox should be jam-packed soon enough depending on the delivery times. 

What do you think are the best ways to find freebies online? Do you use any of the sites above? Let me know in the comments below. 

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