Ethan's Diary: Escape To The Garden

27 Jun 2018

Ethan's Diary: Escape To The Garden


It's been quite an eventful couple of months. Ethan made a getaway from the house and it wasn't until maybe 30 minutes after opening the window later that I noticed it was unsettling quiet. 

I grabbed his food dish, toys with bells on and quickly rushed out the door to find my baby... only to the discovery of him crying on the grass! My little innocent, annoying and completely energetic cat was sitting crying because it didn't like outside. 

After the initial worrying and maddening thoughts little Ethan didn't even venture far.  As I may have mentioned before Ethan is a house cat but his little escape of his has shown me proof if I needed any that I made the right choice in keeping him from outdoors. 


Ethan's latest toys include hair bobbles as has my mother trying to appease the little fur ball!


As Ethan passed his first birthday and was throwing up his kitten food I knew I didn't need to continue to wean him anymore and he's now moved on to the big boy food Royal Canin Indoor, Ofcourse sticking with Royal Cain was necessary as it is what he is used to eating from a kitten. 

What do you of Ethan's Diary? Do you have a pet? Let me know in the comments below!

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