A Could Do List For The Month Ahead

I'm shining brightly as August has arrived, one of my favourite months which has me writing a could do list instead of a to-do list! I recently discovered in a magazine and believe it's an amazing idea. Instead of writing all the things down I have to do why not start a could do list? 

I'm a sucker for a good list which is why below I've included a few things I'd like to do this month but also could do.

- Go to the beach -
- Have a picnic -
- Spend the day reading -
- Swim -
- Be Spontaneous -
- Host a BBQ -
- Make Smores -
- Water Balloon Fight -
- Blow Bubbles -
- Visit a Zoo -
- Try Yoga -
- Face a Fear -
- Smile Longer -
- Laugh Unconditionally -
- Be More Active -

What do you think of a could do list instead of a to do one? Anything on my list you're planning on doing? Let me know in the comments below!
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