A Very Happy Birthday To My Mum

28 Sept 2018

Today is my mums Birthday and before anyone asks I'm not sharing her age! I like my head securely on my head. Last week I took her out for lunch at her favourite restaurant Molly Browns and my sister and I got a special cake baked! 

My mum is my best friend! Who loves without faults, supports without hesitation and stays up late chatting the night away bickering about who is leading who up the garden path! 

My mum and I nicknamed ourselves the twits when I was a child because it was always her and I. My brother and sister both older were growing up and wanted to go out with friends. I didn't mind though. I preferred it that way. I got her all to myself. 

The thing you have to know about my mum is she is fun, genuine and down to earth! Beautiful inside and out that sometimes you just have to be in her presence to see how real she is. Growing up friends always wanted to come over because she would have been out in the middle of us making toast for supper in the summer evenings, playing in the park with us all including the other kids there whose parents were too busy on phones. My mums full attention was always on her us having a fun time and I couldn't have asked for a better mum. 

None of us are perfect, mum and I have both had our trying times over the years with each other but the thing I've come to realise is that the good times out number the bad times and that's what we cherish and hold close to our hearts. Also... the fact that she reminds me that I'm exactly like she was at 20 something. 

We have got ourselves into quite a few funny situations but the good thing is we have the pictures and videos to remember. 

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