Support Me On My Sponsored Walk To Help Fight For A World Without Dementia

5 Sept 2018

Fight For a World Without Dementia

This month I'm walking to help raise money to fight for a world without Dementia. *Every year 225,000 people develop Dementia - that's the equivalent to one person every 3 minutes.* Two of those people I'm walking for is my Grandmother and late Grandfather. 

On September 15th I'm joining forces with hundreds of others including my Happy Feet Team Member my mum with the goal and intention to help raise as much as possible to support charity Alzheimer's Society in everything they do currently and aspire to accomplish in the future. 

The thoughts on everyone's minds will be relatively the same, I'll be thinking of those that live every day fighting with this illness and also whose family members, friends, carers and more who witness the deterioration of a person Dementia can bring. 

Every penny adds up, every pound does too. Help support my mum and me by sponsoring us below. Times are tough for everyone financially so if you are unable to donate please consider the page. 

Wish us Luck and make sure you follow my Insta @volupuouschatterbox and Twitter @KerryAnn93 for updates and pictures of our journey. 
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Thanks for reading! 

Have you taken part in a sponsored walk? Let me know how it went in the comments below. 


*Stats provided by Alzheimers Society.*

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