Thank U, NEXT!

9 Dec 2018

"Thank U, NEXT!"

This year Christmas will be different, though it may be quiet I am determined to have a peace filled, family orientated day and spend it making the best memories.  It's the time of year most of us begin to look onwards and upwards which is exactly what I've been doing for quite awhile now. I've started embracing every available opportunity that has been put in my path and accepted that certain obstacles that we face daily may need some time to unravel. 

For some the New Year begins at the stroke of midnight on the 31st December, for me? It started the 23 August this year on my 25th Birthday when I decided to truly move on from past experiences and put myself first with no worries, limitations or allow anything or anyone to be in my way. 

It's difficult attempting to put yourself first when for so long you've done anything but that, almost like trying to search for an identity again but that's exactly what I'm continuing to do. Instead of going back to who I used to be I'm moving forwards and improving who I am!

When the new year rolls around and everyone's making new years resolutions? I'm not going to put the stress on myself to make some silly thing up like lose weight, go off chocolate or join a gym because although the year changes I'm taking things in my stride and not so worried about planning things out anymore or what if things don't go according to plan. I don't need to think about making anyone else happy except me and I'm ready to embrace a more relaxed, fun, open me. 

So Thank U, Thank U NEXT!

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