Hello March - Better When I'm Dancin

4 Mar 2019

Better When I'm Dancin'

Shoulders stiff, neck movements limited safe to say the dancing I did on Saturday means I'm suffering slightly. February was all abuzz for me with things life happening left, right and centre. They are things I wouldn't normally blog or write about which is why this month I'm concentrating on how much information we share online? Is it too much? How much can we be judged on or share before it affects our life, career or even relationships?

Last month Ethan ended up spending quite some time in the vets and it was touch and for awhile, I'll write a full conclusion to what the wee eejit got up to in his Diary entry this week.  With no idea how to share the next part, I was unsure whether to write about it although it's something that brings me back to my earlier concentration for this month. My Granny passed, there is no conclusion, no big revelation to that and it's something that still doesn't feel real which is why I believe it's important to talk. 

On Saturday when I was out I believe for the majority of a couple of hours at the start of the night I sat on my phone, looking at selfies I used to take with my Gran, texting friends whilst watching other friends dance and enjoy themselves. Laughing, smiling and dancing it looked like so much fun but I couldn't get the feeling inside me to join in until a friend told me to put my phone away and enjoy myself. I felt guilty like I shouldn't be enjoying myself but I knew she was right so in the bag my phone went, I stood, joined my friends dancing and had a blast. Does it make me feel bad saying that? Definitely, although I know it's something that was done for my benefit and I'm so thankful my friend demanded I do it. 

Which is where the song I'm highlighting comes into play for me this month, Better When I'm Dancing. Something I would never do is dance, I'm too cautious of who is looking or what someone is thinking although on Saturday I just concentrated on enjoying myself because the company and the dancing made me feel fabulous. 

Coming up this month I'm concentrating on the amount of information we share online, pancake Tuesday, Mothers Day at the end of the month and also the importance of friendships. 

What's happening this month for you? Are you looking forward to the posts planned? Let me know in the comments below. 

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