Hello September.. Birthday, Selfies & Food

1 Sept 2019

Birthdays, Selfies & Food - A Look Back on August

Hello September and welcome! I'm so happy that September is finally upon us and can kick of what are some my favourite months! Gone are the days of sitting by the fan, hello to hot chocolate and a good book! 

I've been pretty quiet on my blogs lately as I always seem to be on Instagram alot more but there's only so much you can say and share which is why I've decided to try and regularly post again for my benefit. Blogging is something I love doing and I enjoy writing and sharing my experiences not just for people to read and see if we share things in common but also as a time capsule of sorts for me to relfect and look back on how times change or how I've progressed and self improved. 

I'm sad to see August go as last week I turned 26 and honestly had the best birthday ever! I had lunch and cocktails pre-birthday with my mum then lunch and cocktails on my actual birthday with my sister. Our Annual Lunch was absolutely delicious as was the cocktail my mum and I always have every year for my birthday lunch. It's a wee tradition we didn't know we'd started which now we have to do. 

My sister made me some epic gifts including a jar full of 26 positive quotes and a playlist of every song that's been number 1 on my birthday since I have a passion for music. I was spoilt rotten and still riding on a high. 

These last couple weeks I've felt a change inside me.. I'm much more motivated, determined and open to changes and opportunities that are coming my way which can be a highly positive outlook on things. I've also enjoyed catching up with friends and dipping my toe in the dating pool... but can't reveal all that right now... can I? 

September, September though.. so good to see you! I have a few goals this month I'm hoping to complete and also quite a lot I'm hoping to achieve. 

September Could Do List: 

- Stay Motivated  - 
- Walk 5,000 minimum everyday -
- Practice Self-care - 
- Start saving for Christmas - 
- Actively blog - 

I've set myself goals which I know I am fully capable off and looking forward to knocking them! 

Do you have anything planned for the month ahead? How was your August? Let me know in the comments below. 

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