Hello October: I've Been Waiting For You

1 Oct 2019

Hello October! 

I'm currently wrapped up under my duvet writing this with fingers that can feel the nip in the air. It's chillier right? I'm not imagining it? Although I'm starting to wonder if October really is one of my favourite months or not with it being so cold and the rain heavy. I am in need of making an investment in a hot water bottle and some seasonal throws. Preferably Mustard! 

I am happy the month is upon us and we can fully appreciate Autumn in all it's glory although October is also Halloween month which means every bug, shadow, and creepy horror full movies will scare me into hiding under my bedsheets! I am not a fan of Halloween! If it consisted less of scary and more fun in dressing up then I'd be all for it but this year I think I'm preferring my night being spent at a hotel and spa instead of waiting on trick and treaters in their creepy little masks that haunt me! 

With my sisters birthday being the day before Halloween we always have a little party for her to cut the cake just a few of us and it ties together but this year is different as we're heading away to a hotel and spa for cocktails, an overnight stay AND a nice meal which I am so looking forward to! 

Last week I had a massive clearout recycling or donating over 60 books to the local charity shop and also got rid of makeup, clothes basically anything that I didn't feel an emotional attachment to because that's the thing I keep a lot of stuff that I could "use one day" or "that could come in handy" when in reality it needs to be thrown out! My sister told me all about this thing where you pick up an item and if you get no feelings toward it then you get rid and that's what I did with nearly everything! I'm literally decluttering everything around me and the best part it feels so so refreshing! 

This month my could do list is a little different as it's very seasonal in sticking with Halloween! (Even though it scares me I know) 

Carve a pumpkin 
Dress up or do a themed makeup look
Watch Hocus Pocus & Practical Magic (only the best movies) 
Try Pumpkin Spiced Latte (Never before tired most likely won't)
Decorate my house
Get outdoors and go for a long walk
Make Spider cookies (Gosh knows why I make them but they're tasty) 
Bake Halloween Cookies
Read a Vampire book 

Whats on your October could do list? Do you have anything nice planned this month? 

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