OCD Awareness Week - It's Time To Talk

15 Oct 2019


OCD is diabolical to have. Whether you are diagnosed or not the effects remain the same. It disrupts your life in so many ways from career, relationships, home living, and simply put hinders your quality of life.

When you hear those 3 little letters OCD you automatically think cleaning.. obsessive cleaning and then may think 'i wish I had OCD' but the truth is its a much more complex and hard to understand disorder unless you or someone you know suffers with it then you're not going to know much about it and I can't blame you I don't want to sit in my spare time reading about something I'm not interested in BUT it's good to recognise the signs, feelings and actions around you as not everyone will tell you they have OCD. 

OCD Awareness week kicked of 13th October and carries on to 19th but it affects all every day which is why I want to encourage those who have it to post and share feelings, thoughts, rituals whatever they want because it's not something to be embarrassed about, its not something we should only discuss and share for one week of the year.. OCD is not a fun, quirky thing to have. It's a severe disorder that we all should become informed about and start to beat the stigma around it. 

Coming up this week I have posts planned on the common misconceptions of OCD, getting thoughts and feelings from sufferers as well as some advice for those living with those who suffer. 

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