12 Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Stress Whilst Shopping This Festive Season

8 Nov 2019

12 Tips to Avoid Uncessary Stress Whilst Shopping This Festive Season 

With Christmas comes expectations of gifts and worrying about money. Never mind that there's also your usual monthly and daily bills that need to be taken into account. Many will fall into debt and this year I'm refusing to spend more than I can afford for Christmas. 

When I sat down to think about who I wanted to send gifts to I started first with my nearest and dearest although the list then kept growing and growing until I knew it's too much for one person. 

I was left wondering what do they expect? Am I able to spend on them the amount they will on me? Will they complain behind my back? When they tell me nothing do I really gift them a big bag of nothing? 

Christmas is meant to be a joyous occasion of time spent with family NOT on gifts which is why I've put together some tips to help guide so whether you're going to try and do all the shopping in one day like me or spread your shopping throughout the next month hopefully these tips will help!

1) BUDGET! First work out a budget of how much you have to spend before going shopping! Do not miss paying a bill just to grab something extra for someone! If they knew you were doing that it wouldn't be appreciated. 

2) Make a list and STICK TO IT! I know I personally never stick to lists but this year I am determined to write everything I need down and only buy whats on it! 

3) SHOP ONLINE! Take advantage of online discounts and cashback sites! It really will help! 

4) One gift is enough to let someone know you're thinking of them. 

5) Don't leave it to the last minute! Imagine having all your shopping done and being able to relax and enjoy hitting the shops amongst the hustle and bustle knowing you've finished! 

6) TIME IT: When it the best possible time to go for you? Morning? Night? Check out the late night shopping hours and work around how much time you have available. Some stores even offer FREE click and click! 

7) Keep calm and treat yourself. Bubbles for a relaxing bath at the end of day or when you've finished. A bottle of wine or even a your favourite candle! 

8) Have a good sleep the night before going shopping! You want to feel refreshed and bursting ready to begin! 

9) MAP IT OUT: Which stores to start with? Whish side of town? My sister and I always start at Castlecourt but this year we're starting of at Victoria Square to check out their decorations and Hotel Chocolat later moving on to Poundland and the shops around that side hopefully finishing of round at Waterstones! (Hopefully!) 

10) Have a break! Sit down and take the weight of with a Hot Chocolat or cup of tea and don't forget to have a bite to eat to keep your energy up! 

11) Do you make handmade gifts? Why not make friends and family a handmade gift and perhaps personalise it so it's unique for them to enjoy! 

12) Don't worry about the add ons, sweets, chocolates etc you know what it's like every household throws them out come March time because we're stuck with the fudge from the Quality Street! 

What do you think of my list? Is there anything you would include? Let me know in the comments below. 

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