Fitness is something I feel many plus-size bloggers get critiqued on blogging about because many view it as weight loss chat but to me fitness and weightloss are two entirely different topics, I got told years ago "never blog about fitness" but when something so fun that gets your booty moving comes along.. I'm saying it needs to be shared. 

When I blogged about 5 Virtual Date Ideas I had no inclination to give them a go myself.. I had gotten the idea when the guy I'm currently dating suggested watching a movie together and the blogger lightbulb in me clicked on "this would be an awesome blog post idea" I wrote the blog post and hit publish. Then the message came... "So when are we planning this virtual date of ours?" 

Rainbow Bright with Collectif

in , , , , by Kerry-Ann, 5/19/2020

As soon as I saw this bright, striped rainbow skirt from Collectif I just had to have it! It's a summer season must and although we're living in pretty much uncertain times I know as soon as lockdown is over and we are safe to meet friends, grab a cocktail or two or even have a lunch date I will be wearing this every chance I get!

Welcome to the World of VIRTUAL DATING! The time where we can have a date from the comfort of our homes, style our hair amazingly, and can look out at the rain with our hair maintaining in pristine condition (goodbye to dating hair diaster.)

Valentines Day is fast Approaching but don't panic as I've some great ideas that will you save £££ and still put a smile on someones face! (Thought that counts, right?)

Galentines 2020 is on the horizon and what better to celebrate than a date with your girls! Instead of feeling miserable about being Single on Valentines (that's so a decade ago) many women are embracing themselves, friends, and also just feel more empowered and in control everyday!

Recently I've been seeing so many people on different social media platforms share two photos side by side with 10 years apart. It's fun and nice to see the differences and take into consideration how many changes there are BUT there is also one thing I've noticed and that's how much negativity there is surrounding this challenge.

WELCOME 2020! It's the first day of a brand new year and I think we should make it a good one.
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