10 Pieces Advice I Would Have Given Myself 10 Years Ago... 10 Years Photo Challenge!

2 Jan 2020

Recently I've been seeing so many people on different social media platforms share two photos side by side with 10 years apart. It's fun and nice to see the differences and take into consideration how many changes there are BUT there is also one thing I've noticed and that's how much negativity there is surrounding this challenge.

There doesn't need to be great ridicule at the differences, it's okay to laugh at hairstyles, makeup choices but we don't need to criticise how someone looks and we don't need to compare ourself to others on where how they have progressed or how much they have achieved in 10 years. We only have to look at us! 

I took the two photos above roughly shy of 10 years apart and it's shocking for me to look at the difference in how I've changed, matured and remember the fact at 16 when I left high school I stopped dyeing my hair because I liked my natural ginger. 

Excited I started to share this and show friends until one said I looked "freaky with a capital F" in the picture in the left and heard other comments, I found myself debating whether or not to post until I decided that YES I want to share because the girl on the left is a 16-year-old girl that had just had the worst high school experience and she doesn't deserve for comments to be made against her no matter if I criticise her or her decisions she's made I have to remember that I have 10 years experience on her, have lived her mistakes, highs and lows! This is why I've decided to write down the advice I would have given myself 10 years ago... Not that she woulda listened! 

1) YOU ARE BRAVE - Okay that's not advice but it's something she would have needed to hear desperately. 

2) Being alone is not a failure! Don't be with someone cause they want you and you don't want to be alone, be with someone you want to be with. He lies when he says no one will want you! YOU WANT YOU! Remember that!

3) Stop listening to other people! No one knows everything and they certainly don't know you! Only you do! We all have our own thoughts and feelings, listen to what yours are telling you! 

4) Boys are bad news! Stay away from them...

5) Say YES to more opportunities and model your little (or large) arse off! You'll crush it! 

6) Don't compare yourself to where others your age are in life. We all have struggles, private life and we don't know what anyone else has been through so don't overthink you're behind or "should have done/been" by now this or that. Just do your best! 

7) It's okay not to be okay - There is nothing broken or wrong with you and it's okay to seek help. 

8) I knew you wouldn't listen to number 4! Your heart is going to get crushed but breathe, take it in and remember the good times! He was worth it! 

9) Trust yourself!! Trust in your opinion, love, and decisions!  

10) Breathe & Smile... and don't overthink scenarios with that imagination of yours! Things will all work out... it'll just take awhile! 

10 Pieces of Advice and wee snippets that 10 years ago, in all honesty, I would have needed to hear! 

What key piece of advice would you have told you self 10 years ago? Let me know in the comments below! 

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