2020 - The Past, The Future & The Present!

1 Jan 2020

WELCOME 2020! It's the first day of a brand new year and I think we should make it a good one.

I hope no one is suffering too much with whatever fun they might have gotten up to last night and feeling all refreshed this morning! I cannot believe 2020 is here! It's the first day of a brand new year and I think we should make it a good one. 

The Past - 

2019 has been an indescribable year. I do not know the words that would work on describing it. There have been many highs and quite a few lows. The loss of my Granny hit me like a tonne of bricks back in February and it's something I know my whole family is still coping with as she was the glue in everything.. you also had to be careful what you said around her what with her selective hearing fine-tuning in at most times and giving my dad the side-eye glance one too many times. 

There were also some good highs. I went to Dublin for an amazing night out at the amazing nightclub coppers, there was my spa trip for Mothers Day, a couple of Belfast nights out and alot of dancing! 

Last year I also had a lot of fun dating, trying new things and relaxed myself in the relationship department. Although I'm still happily single there will always be "the one that got away" things happen for a reason which sometimes is out of our control but instead of dwelling, crying into a tub of ben and jerrys and watching Bridget Jones.. building a friendship is often better. 

This is something I'm also hoping blog about more in 2020 as my interests are changing I feel nervous about opting to blog about more open topics such as relationships and sex but I am thinking of giving it a go. 

On Voluptuous Chatterbox there has not been much blogging done but I am committing myself to blog more since it's something I love to do, a few of my 2019 blogging highlights include. 

My first blog post of the year - Friendship, New Beginnings and Making Changes
10 Sassy Responses For When Asked Why You're Single, Truth To The Question: "Why Are You Still Single", Ofcourse I posted for International Women's Day, And Better When I'm Dancin', which I'm hoping to do a lot more of. 

More highlights include - Birthday, Selfies and Food, I discovered the best mascara since sliced bread; Nars Climax Mascara

The Future -

For the next 12 months I am determined to focus on building my credit score, surrounding myself with positive people that influence me on wanting to achieve my goals and also to get more active!

Last April I started walking as a challenge and competed with someone on who could walk the most steps (Not good when that person was a dog walker who walked ALOT) I miss the buzz it gave me. I managed to work my way up to walking 5 miles every morning which felt AMAZING and after hurting myself when attempting to lift a wardrobe full to the brim of clothes and over 400 books I've not been able to enjoy that mindfulness for quite a few months that I got from walking. I am working on building the strength in the muscles up so I can get out, plug my earphones in and just simply rest my brain for a little while. Here is hoping it won't be too long.

This year I am also determined not to overwhelm myself with things out of my control, face my fears and therefore gain more confidence, save money and become more organised. They are things I know I can achieve but the top three as mentioned above are what I am going to spend the next 12 months working on. 

I believe we all set ourselves too many goals to achieve (Myself included) and then it's easy to become overwhelmed and we lose interest in working towards and completing them which is why I'm interviewing influential women monthly on Voluptuous Chatterbox from bloggers, models, authors and more that will hopefully inspire and help more women become the best they can be.

The Present: 

Right now? I'm going to relax and enjoy the first day of the new year, try to put my goals into action so I can complete them and not try to plan so much ahead as I think that's how a lot of stress and anxiety can fester. 

I would love to wish everyone a happy, fun and healthy 2020! Let's make it an amazing one! This time next year I want my year to have been filled with amazing memories, new challenges I've battled and also many nights out! 

Do You Have Any Goals for 2020? What's been a highlight from 2019 of yours? Let me know in the comments below. 

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