7 Galentine's Date Ideas (That Won't Break the Bank!)

10 Feb 2020

Galentines 2020 is on the horizon and what better to celebrate than a date with your girls! Instead of feeling miserable about being Single on Valentines (that's so a decade ago) many women are embracing themselves, friends, and also just feel more empowered and in control everyday! Being single isn't seen as being lesser than peers who aren't and I believe it's okay if you're single, married, in a relationship with yourself - no matter your status! We should celebrate our girl pals! 

They're the ones who wipe our tears, give us advice which even I've been guilty of ignoring!  Especially when it comes to men for me! (Sorry Lozza), they lift us up, are normally the reason we end up in fits of giggles and they are the ones that usually just "get us". 

For this reason, I've put together 7 Galentine's Date Ideas That Won't Break The Bank! Whether you already have plans or don't! Why not take the chance to organise something now! It doesn't even have be on the day itself! Sometimes making and organising plans is the best bit! 

1) SPA DAY! - You can get cheap but quality items from the likes of Poundland, B&M & even home bargains! Grab some facemasks, (I think some stores even offer 3 for £2 on Montagne Jeunesse sometimes ) nail polishes, light a few tealights to set the tone and voila! You could even set it all up on a table and really embrace that Spa setting with a cheap bottle of bubbles or opt for water to feel refreshed!

2) MOVIE NIGHT - How does this sound.. Comfy pajamas, cosy under a blanket, DVD's, Netflix and some snacks? Kinda perfect right? How do you know on Galentines won't be doing what you are and watching a movie? Invite them round and hey! Bonus is it could equal double the snacks! (P.S Mean Girls Anyone? OR To All The Boys: P.S I Still Love You the sequel to To All The Boys I've Before releases on 12 February!

3) Grab Ice-Cream, Frozen Yoghurt or Hot Chocolate - The first couple ideas were for staying in but what about heading out and treating yourself to Ice-cream? Hot Chocolate or even both? Cause why not? If opting for Ice-Cream you have to go to Del Pieros! Well I mean.. you don't have to but you wouldn't be disappointed!

4) COME DINE WITH ME - Why not have a nice dinner but Come Dine With Me Style? Each hosting a different night and have a little prize? or if you don't have the time to do that then one friend hosts and one each makes or brings the starter, main and dessert? You could even all cook it together and have fun whilst doing it!

5) COCKTAILS - Put your best of the best on and head out! Why not check out that new cocktail bar? Have a couple of cocktails and enjoy the atmosphere and company of your besties! (You could even share and save opting for jugs of cocktails to share)

6) ROAD TRIP - Obvs a friend will need to drive for this occasion or you could just get the train or bus and take yourselves of for the day to the local seaside town, or if your friend drives have no direct plan? Hop in the car and see where the road takes you for the day! Have some lunch in an old village pub or bring a picnic! The world is your oyster!

7) AFTERNOON TEA - Who doesn't love scones with jam or butter? A Mr Kipling French Fancy AND some sandwiches? PLUS I did an afternoon tea for my mum a couple years back with everything adding up to under a tenner and it was perfect! Even if I do say so myself!

How are you spending Galentines? Do you celebrate it? Or is it just "another day?" Do you have any ideas you could add? Let me know below! 

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