Virtual Date Attempt #1 - LOL

21 May 2020

When I blogged about 5 Virtual Date Ideas I had no inclination to give them a go myself.. I had gotten the idea when the guy I'm currently dating suggested watching a movie together and the blogger lightbulb in me clicked on "this would be an awesome blog post idea" I wrote the blog post and hit publish. Then the message came... "So when are we planning this virtual date of ours?" 
Shit! Fuck! Damn... I had been not so secretly been hoping he'd forgotten but it seems that wasn't the case and if I really asked myself the question! I SO WANTED A VIRTUAL DATE WITH HIM! It seems to be the *in* thing.

We'll skip past the two times I cancelled him and the third time we both rearranged to suit us better and get straight to the night... the time was set for 8pm.... 

Desperate Housewives Waiting GIF by HULU

and at 8:15 the text came through that he was free if I was! (I wasn't) Is it good to point out he was late? I like to think for first impressions on a virtual date lateness is not a good quality but we'll forgive him since he explained why. 

Remember I said I wasn't ready though? That's because I spilt my drink on the side of my bed then I had technical faults. The joy of using someone else's Netflix is they change the password and forget to tell everyone that uses the account. My sister always forgets her Netflix password and it just couldn't have happened on any other night could it have? 

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Once signed in I'd plucked up the courage to have a proper chat and show him me on the other end, the nervous laughter set in (I will continue to tell him I wasn't nervous) this continued for quite awhile and I don't think we got the movie started till after 10pm from us talking so much and getting to know each other more than we already do.
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The Netflix movie we watched was thriller Dangerous Lies which starred Riverdale's Camila Mendes and is about A carer (Camila Mendes) who shockingly inherits her patient's estate though there's secrecy, lies, and deceit that follows as a burden putting her in danger!  The film was really good! It may not be something I rewatch in the future but it captured my attention and it was really good to talk about what we thought of each character. My date suggested we could trust a character though I wasn't so sure, he reassured me when I asked that he's a pretty good judge of character. I'll answer that he isn't and I knew to not trust them. 

I really enjoyed my virtual date and I would like to hope that perhaps there may be more especially the way things are at the moment in the world with COVID-19. I may bring it up with him and see what he thinks. 

Virtual dating seems to be a new way to engage with someone new or those you were dating before we had to isolate plus there's also the aspect of safety. I believe this will change the way we view dating in the future as it's a safer way to 'meet' someone and get to know them without the worrying of "are they really too good to be true" or is it really the person in the photo talking to you behind the screen. 

All in all, this was a new experience and if my virtual date was this good I'm very much looking forward to the physical dates but perhaps they won't end after 4am.... 

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What do you think of virtual dating? Have you had a virtual date or any ideas? Let me know in the comments below or over on Twitter.

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