Welcome to the World of Virtual Dating! - 5 Virtual Date Ideas

9 May 2020

Welcome to the World of VIRTUAL DATING! The time where we can have a date from the comfort of our homes, style our hair amazingly, and can look out at the rain with our hair maintaining in pristine condition (goodbye to dating hair diaster.) As we shouldn't meet anyone outside of our households, only leave for essential items when we need them and follow the rules like we are guided to do our dating lives could suffer and every woman for themselves on the likes of POF these days when someone comes along during a worldwide pandemic and we just want to know them a little better instead of the usual unsolicited dick pic and instant block which seems to the be the norm these days there's no reason we can't date them... just not physically in person! 

If like me you started dating before the world catapulted us into the Hunger Games trilogy then you might want to get a little creative with your date if they are interested as well. Depending on what suits you both, time restraints, and also if you want to continue dating at all whilst waiting for this horrible virus to stop spreading. But that's a whole new blog post as today I'm thinking of the positives.. 5 Virtual date ideas which I've got for you below, all you need to do now is decide on the day and time! 

1) Coffee Date  - I know I know! Not very inventive but sometimes taking 30 minutes out to have a chat and a catch up with your date really helps get to know that person. Tell your date to think of 5 questions to ask or even check out Pinterest for ideas! They always question ideas floating around. 

2) Movie Date - You can get as creative as you like with this one.. video chatting, popcorn at the ready, press movie to start and *fingers crossed* they do at the same time! It's a casual hour or over of talking, munching away, and hopefully laughing if it's a comedy! 

3) Play a game - I've been playing Words with Friends (alot) and QuizUp (a little) which has been great fun (not as fun as a game called Dobble) and really gets my competitiveness up especially when my words with Friends partner has a habit of scoring over 100 something points at times playing just one word! 

4) Watch a Concert - Youtube is awesome for live concerts and you could mix it up with watching a live one of each of your favourite musicians (a great way to be introduced to new bands sometimes) or take in turns to play each other songs like for instance one that makes you happy, one from your childhood, one that you know all the lyrics to? Mix it up and have fun!

5) Have Dinner together or a cook along - With this one, you can either both cook along together (could even prepare the same thing to see whose looks more appetising)  OR  dress up in the frockiest of posh frocks and select a time to both sit-down, have dinner together and video call! You could even light a couple candles and really dim the lights to set the mood for a romantic meal!

There you have it! My 5 Virtual Date Ideas which I hope you can enjoy! Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter @KerryAnn93 what you think of them or what your ideas are! 

Stay Safe x 

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