Monday Motivation: Dance Your Way through 'Zumba With Kat'

15 Jun 2020

Fitness is something I feel many plus-size bloggers get critiqued on blogging about because many view it as weight loss chat but to me fitness and weightloss are two entirely different topics, I got told years ago "never blog about fitness" but when something so fun that gets your booty moving comes along.. I'm saying it needs to be shared. 
Last year I started walking and even went so far as to try and walk 5 miles per day as it helped my mental health but when I had an injury I had to stop and even now I can't do as much as I'd like to, a short walk can have my legs and back cramping to the point I'm in tears which is why when I saw Kat on Facebook had passed her Zumba Instructors course I wished I could have attended her classes but I doubt I could catch a quick flight every time she hosted one... until it was announced she would be holding VIRTUAL Zumba classes! (As I squeal the house down)

Zumba is something I've always been too nervous to attend, "what if I'm not able to keep up with the others?" "what if people laughed?" but all those questions and worries disappear as what Kat offers is a no-pressure zone, a safe space to move your body to the music. Kat has even said numerous times if there is something you cannot do? Simply find what you can do and do that just keep your body moving.  

There was plenty I couldn't do or keep up with but I made sure to still have fun and attempt them! The classes are easy to access, the music is fast and exciting plus Kat talks us through each step and engages with everyone taking part. We can see Kat but she can't see us nor can we watch anyone else taking part and vice versa. It's so good to get away from everything for over an hour without the effort of leaving your house. 

If Zumba is something you've always wanted to do I say try Zumba with Kat! #ForAllByAll 

Check out Kat's instructor page and upcoming classes HERE and like  her Facebook page HERE

What do you think of Zumba? Have you ever been? Would you give Virtual Zumba a try? Let me know in the comments below! 

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  1. I used to love Zumba, it's more like dancing than regular aerobics classes. Thanks for reminding me of that!