Local Loves: Pizza On The Square

27 Jul 2020

Delicious pizza, great company, and Nutella dough balls! YES PLEASE!  

On Saturday I had the amazing experience of trying Pizza on the square in Belfast City Centre. A place which I've kept hearing about and have been wanting to try for quite some time so when my date spontaneously opted to book us a table without me knowing I was pretty excited to find out it was a pizza place we were going, my favourite food! The surprise was definitely worth it!

The front of this place really captured my interest and will be a total #DoingItForTheGram moment at Christmas time for outfit photos (which I can't wait for) because I know for a fact I will be back here. 

The staff were attentive, welcoming and the friendly atmosphere made me relax instantly, I felt so comfortable. 

I chose the margarita which was mouthwateringly delicious, as you can see the pizza has the right amount of everything, the crust even looks just as amazing as it tastes. The size of the pizza was pretty big and I was unable to finish it. I honestly believe it's one of the best pizzas in Belfast I've ever tried...

The first thing I spied on the menu was "nutella" then I was sold basically, which is why for dessert we shared a plate of Nutella Dough balls with cream in the middle! I was sipping on water the whole time as they are so sweet, covered in sugar and trust me when I say one will never be enough! 

What do you think of the food? Have you eaten out recently? What Let me know in the comments below! 

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