A Birthday Weekend Full of Cocktails

27 Aug 2020

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This weekend past I celebrated my twenty-seventh birthday.. enter big deep thoughts then basically me shutting them up with cocktails! 

On Friday I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in six months due to lockdown and honestly it was a great night to catch up on each other's lives and everything that's been happening with us! We chose to meet at Benedict's for dinner and some cocktails and the food was delicious... except the cheesecake but that's only because as it was my first time trying it and I am not a fan! If you love cheesecake, you'll enjoy it! The texture was just not for me! 

My dinner: 

Starter: Cheesy Garlic Bread
Main: Side of Mash, chunky chips and vegetables
Dessert: Malteser and Honeycomb Cheesecake 
Cocktails: Strawberry Daiquiri x a few, Pink Panther & Fruit Blast 

I'm really looking forward to the next time we meet up and hopefully it's not so long this time around. Look at that daiquiri though? Isn't it lush looking!  

* * * * *

On Sunday the day of my birthday, my mum took me out to a restaurant I love, Romas! Again choosing Strawberry Daqs as they're my favourite! The food here is always mouth-watering and I had an absolute blast, with it being just the two of us. Again I opted for my usual mash, chunky chips and veg!

I know I should start checking out other options available but when you find something you love, it's nice to stick with it! It was so quiet and definitely a good time we chose to go.

My lunch: 

Starter: Cheesy Garlic Bread
Main: Mash, Chunky chips and vegetables 
Dessert: Chocolate Brownie with Ice-Cream
Cocktails: Strawberry daiquiri 

I did manage to fit in a chippy with my Dad on the Saturday of course! It appears my whole weekend was filled with good food, company, and amazing cocktails! I have a feeling being twenty seven isn't going to be as bad as I initially thought. 

Check out the outfit I'm wearing with my new yellow blazer on Instagram HERE and also my first ever reel HERE

What do you think of the cocktails and food? How did you spend your weekend? Let me know in the comments below! 
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Something Wickedly Fashionable This Way Comes! The Perfect Halloween Accessory.

18 Aug 2020


Halloween may not be till October but that doesn't mean we can't prepare early. I started making these last month and am so excited to share as they're now available on Etsy! (With FREE UK Delivery)

Whether you are dressing up, attending a virtual or socially distanced gettogether these may be the perfect little accessory for you. I've always loved Halloween since I was a little girl and struggled every year whether to go as a cat or a witch! I always opted for the witch! Something about the hat, red lips, and bright greens or reds just pulls me in!

No matter your choice though, these will go great with a costume or as everyday wear and are light and comfortable to wear. 

Check them out below: 

Ghost Earrings / £2.50 
Check out HERE

Pumpkin Earrings / £2.99 
Check out HERE 

Witch Earrings / £2.50 
Check out HERE

Vampire Fang Earrings / £2.99
Check out HERE

What do you think of the earrings? Do you like Halloween? Let me know below! 

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A Datey Date To Remember - Bowling & Crazy Golf

15 Aug 2020


On Tuesday I had a date where I went Ten Pin Bowling then onto play crazy golf which I'm still smiling about whilst writing this post as I had so much fun and hope to do it again soon..

We opted for the Dundonald Ice-Bowl and I was so pleased with everything they had set up in place regarding social distancing and also witnessing myself after a family had left how thorough they are cleaning everything used making me feel more comfortable and relaxed in the space around me. The customer service was excellent and I would encourage you if you're local to go and check it out for yourself and show support to the local places around us. Not just that but when you go Crazy Golfing be sure to pick up a loyalty card and for every 4 stamps, you earn a free 18 hole game to enjoy! If that's not reason enough I don't know what is.

For a week or two before though I was running my mouth telling L I was going to beat him and win... it's quick to say that didn't happen and he won... all games. *rolls eyes* I'm blaming it on the fact it's been roughly 10+ years since the last time I played and he just got lucky.. I'll win next time! Also, I was wearing flats which made me feel so tiny when I usually wear boots.. height must matter in bowling. 

As you can tell from the scores I need a lot of practice and even if he was the best cheerleader for saying 'you got this' every time to me 'cause I definitely didn't. He on the other hand was actually really good even providing tips and techniques I should try. (We'll keep it between us I said that)

The crazy golf I enjoyed so much more mainly due to the moving around and it was something I've wanted to try for many years - definitely not down to the many sexual innuendos I was saying that was keeping me entertained or that I got the ball in the hole first time, excitedly on the one he said he struggled with which resulted in me jumping like an idiot on the spot! I also managed to hit the ball in the water, the bushes, and nowhere near where it was meant to. But.. next time! Right? We decided on the 36 holes but when he mentioned it entailed two hours on our feet I was not amused though it's true what they say... time flies when you're having fun. Even in new shoes. 

This is the first-ever real fun date I've had in my dating history that wasn't lunch or coffee and although I love those dates because of Timbits and pizza. This was honestly the best date I've been on that allowed me the opportunity to break out of my comfort zone, let go, and honestly get lost in the moment. I can't recommend enough to others - Have a fun date! Laugh your butt off and allow yourself to jump on the spot, smile like a goof, and loosen up! You won't have the awesome company I did. But it'll be worth it.

What do you think of these two ideas for a date? Have you been on any dates post-lockdown? Are there any date ideas you recommend I try? Let me know in the comments below.

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Local Loves: Denise Byers Candles & Instagram Giveaway

5 Aug 2020


I first discovered Denise Byers Candles roughly 6+ years ago and since then they have been my go-to candles for my home as I'm utterly obsessed with them and always telling friends and family to check them out or buying them as gifts.

Denise Byers Candles is a local business often found at a local Saturday market in Newtownards. They specialise in candles of  all different scents from Lenore, Zoflora, Cola bottle and even Chanel No 5! Plus a whole heap more. They offer votive candles, wax bars, oils and my favourite tartlets. They even offer starter sets (perfect for gifts) which include a burner and wax bars. Check out their Facebook page HERE

The fragrance lasts which is the most important thing for me being the pet owner of an indoor cat, this means I'm always worried about little odors but even after my burners been long blown out the scent still lingers in the air, leaving a refreshing feel. 

I would opt to purchase from Denise Byers Candles before Yankee or another brand as I love the design of them, the scents are fresh and unique plus they're really colourful. I've placed them in my bedroom, hall and even bathroom sometimes the same fragrance or a variety of ones. 

NOTE: Never leave candles unattended for long periods of time, around children or pets and don't leave the house with them lit. 

Check out the giveaway I'm doing over on Instagram to win a wax bar of my favourite scent open to UK residents only. Enter HERE.

What do you think of Denise Byers Candles? Do you have a favourite summery scent? Let me know in the comments below. 
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Hello August! Happy Birthday Month To Me!

1 Aug 2020

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Hello August! It's my birthday month which means I'm very excited as I'm hoping to shop, eat and have alottle lota fun! ;)

There are a few things I have planned this month including some things I'd like to do and last year I stopped writing to-do lists as I felt there was too much pressure to complete the tasks, a could do list though contains tasks I 'could' do but if I don't? Well there's no disheartening feeling and I can simply add them to the following months list. 

My August could do list - 

- Zumba with Kat - 

It's been quite a few weeks since I had my last virtual class and I'm wanting so bad to do it again but with not feeling the best I wasn't able to. 

- Have an Ice-Cream Sundae -

- Start saving for Christmas - 

- Collect shells at the beach - 

I haven't been to a beach all summer and I had planned (in my head) so many beach visits so I'm determined to at least get there once before the summer ends and collect some shells for crafting. 

- Donate to charity - 

- Start making Christmas Cards - 

- Have lunch with a friend - 

- Do something for me - 

I do have quite a few August plans I'm looking forward to such as cocktails with my bestie as I've not seen her since February which means there will be so much to catch up on! I have a night in planned and takeaway with my sister... I've gone through the list of takeaways I like and after all the many "no's" my sister said, we finally got a to Pizza though! Plus I'm grabbing a bite to eat with my mum and having our daily cocktail for my birthday!

I turn 27 which honestly stings me quite abit to say out loud and decided to have a massive clearout which meant finding some treasure in amongst quite a few cards I'd kept over the years.  (why do we always keep birthday and Christmas cards?)

From the above pics you can see I still have two baby cards and a ladybird my Pappy got me I think for my third birthday that I used to take EVERYWHERE! I would walk for hours if it meant playing with this thing and it's still in an okay condition! You just won't see me taking it anywhere nowadays though. 

Again I'm so looking forward to this month as it means we are also getting closer to Autumn nights and new wardrobe changes! 

What do you most like about August? Let me know in the comments below! 
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