Hello August! Happy Birthday Month To Me!

1 Aug 2020

Hello August! It's my birthday month which means I'm very excited as I'm hoping to shop, eat and have alottle lota fun! ;)

There are a few things I have planned this month including some things I'd like to do and last year I stopped writing to-do lists as I felt there was too much pressure to complete the tasks, a could do list though contains tasks I 'could' do but if I don't? Well there's no disheartening feeling and I can simply add them to the following months list. 

My August could do list - 

- Zumba with Kat - 

It's been quite a few weeks since I had my last virtual class and I'm wanting so bad to do it again but with not feeling the best I wasn't able to. 

- Have an Ice-Cream Sundae -

- Start saving for Christmas - 

- Collect shells at the beach - 

I haven't been to a beach all summer and I had planned (in my head) so many beach visits so I'm determined to at least get there once before the summer ends and collect some shells for crafting. 

- Donate to charity - 

- Start making Christmas Cards - 

- Have lunch with a friend - 

- Do something for me - 

I do have quite a few August plans I'm looking forward to such as cocktails with my bestie as I've not seen her since February which means there will be so much to catch up on! I have a night in planned and takeaway with my sister... I've gone through the list of takeaways I like and after all the many "no's" my sister said, we finally got a to Pizza though! Plus I'm grabbing a bite to eat with my mum and having our daily cocktail for my birthday!

I turn 27 which honestly stings me quite abit to say out loud and decided to have a massive clearout which meant finding some treasure in amongst quite a few cards I'd kept over the years.  (why do we always keep birthday and Christmas cards?)

From the above pics you can see I still have two baby cards and a ladybird my Pappy got me I think for my third birthday that I used to take EVERYWHERE! I would walk for hours if it meant playing with this thing and it's still in an okay condition! You just won't see me taking it anywhere nowadays though. 

Again I'm so looking forward to this month as it means we are also getting closer to Autumn nights and new wardrobe changes! 

What do you most like about August? Let me know in the comments below! 
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