Happy Halloween - My Top 5 Favourite Memories

31 Oct 2020

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Happy Halloween! This post is coming a little late in the day for me but I didn't want the day to pass without marking the occasion.  

Halloween has always been a favourite time of year for me to celebrate, anything witchy, dark vibes and whatever spirits want to pay us a visit I'm welcome to have a chat with them. 

For that reason I've decided to share my reasons Top 5 Halloween Memories. (In no particular order) 

1) When I was in primary school my dad lost his job and we literally struggled for money but my parents wanted to make sure I didn't miss out so we all scrambled to find what money and change we could so I could attend the school disco. 50p entry fee was needed and we managed to find over £2 altogether which meant a little something for the tuck shop. My dad drew whiskers and a nose with a black felt tip and I was a cat! It was the highlight of my whole primary school experience.  

2) My sisters 18th birthday party was in my Grannys and as her birthdays the 30th October we ducked for apples, played games and had an amazing time. It was also the one memory I can remember where my whole family were together including my grandparents being healthy and happy. 

3) In high school there was a drawing competition and I entered it.. only it's now after 10 years I'm admitting.. I never actually drew my picture and I came second place and won a jelly lolly. My dad drew it for me LOL 

4) I started experimenting with makeup a couple years ago and it allowed me to feel confident in trying new looks and being more daring especially trying my doll look.

5) This Year. I'm spending time with my boyfriend, watching a movie and getting a takeaway then he's going to have a spooky stream on his twitch channel and I couldn't be more happy or looking forward to it. After all the unsurety in the world I'm looking forward to relaxing.  

What are you most looking forward to this Halloween? Do you have a favourite memory? Let me know below. 

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My Experience Dating A Gamer and Why I'd Encourage Others To

26 Oct 2020

This is a sponsored post.
Picture this, January 2020 the world is normal, a girl goes online and messages a guy she finds attractive, from his profile bio that filled her with laughter, right down to his “single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive” t-shirt his personality shone through and she knew instantly she wanted to get to know him better.
Two dates, a worldwide pandemic with a lot of virtual dating and virtual gaming together then more in-person dates after the lockdown was lifted *cheers* that girl is now in a happy, loving relationship. 
That girl is me, and I’m dating a gamer. 
Or well I was... I’m now in a relationship with them.
In my experience Gamer dating is so much fun and something I believe many should try. When I first started dating my boyfriend he would tell me all about his console games and they sounded fascinating, the attention to detail, the story that goes along with it I was interested because he was sharing something he was passionate about with me just like I would talk about my love of reading and new book releases with him we were both taking the time to talk about things we enjoy doing and that’s what dating is all about, getting to know one another and wanting to spend more time with that person.

Although gaming can be seen as a bit of a hobby niche I think we need to give gamers a chance as the person behind the game and screen can be fascinating and interesting. Not only that but think about all the time and effort they put into solving a game.. When not gaming they’ll put that effort into your dates. (hopefully)
If you're wanting to check out the world of gamer dating then I suggest you check out Gamer’s Dates. The free gamer dating site where you can create your own profile, share the games you’re interested in, and chat with like-minded people who share the same interests… Hopefully, you'll find yourself your very own gamer.
According to The Entertainment Software Association,video game players are also more likely to pursue healthier lifestyles”  which can improve moods and also make you feel better mentally. Being around positive people gives you an instant boost also which sounds like a win-win to me.

If you’re worried though the person you are dating will be spending all their time gaming it could be the perfect opportunity for you to find something you’re interested in as well. My boyfriend and I have many individual interests and that’s why I feel we work, I respect his time when he needs or wants to play games and he respects mine when I'm reading.
Gaming doesn’t have to be all one-sided though or all console gaming as there are so many board games out there you could enjoy together that perhaps could bring out a little competitiveness between you both. For instance the night we played Pokemon Monopoly the game lasted for 4 hours and it’s one of the best nights I’ve had just sitting up playing games and finding something we were able to both enjoy whilst spending time with each other.
There are many virtual gaming ideas you can take advantage of as well when getting to know the gamer you’re dating. Check out my list of 5 Virtual Date Ideas where I mention different gaming options especially good for being on the go or taking 10 minutes away at night to spend with each other after a busy day.
My overall experience dating a gamer has been a positive one and I'm hoping it will continue to be, I've also found a love of gaming back for myself and looking forward to giving that a go for myself as well.
Have you ever dated a gamer? Do you enjoy playing games in your relationship? Let me know in the comments below.
I did not meet my partner on the dating site mentioned in this post.
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Home Accessories For All Your Autumnal Needs

22 Oct 2020

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 This post contains affiliate links.

I've relied solely on buying from Amazon for everything these past few months so it makes no difference they're my go-to for revamping my space for transitioning from Summer/Autumn and to winter! 

The darker nights get me down and I find my mental health suffers more. Already nearing the end of October I can feel my anxiety setting in which is where my ideas for distraction come on. (Mainly in the form of shopping, re-decorating, or crafting) I'm not papering over my anxiety just finding ways to direct that negative energy I'm feeling into something positive. 

And who doesn't love to shop for home essentials? 

I recently redecorated my bedroom and although it's theme is blush, grey, and cream. I'm finding ways to incorporate autumn touches into my space. For instance, as soon as I saw this Autumn Leaf Garland I knew it would be the perfect prop I needed to pop around my built-in wardrobe along with this Hello Autumn banner. 

There's also the speckled candle holders that come in a variety of colours and sizes such as champagne, rose gold and silver. The perfect candle accessories to light spicy scents. 

You could even have this table runner for a work desk, kitchen table, or even your bed. I know a friend that uses a wintry table runner on her bed and it's lush looking. It's also fun to find your own ways to display items to suit you. 

I've popped these LED leaf lights in my basket as well to help brighten up my bookcase shelves to give my bedroom a warm glow at night along with these little pinecones I purchased. Aren't they super cute? Not only will I sprinkle them amongst my shelves but I'll also use them as bookstagram props. If you want something Halloween themed but not into decorating an awful lot for the holiday then I suggest opting for this cute little LED pumpkin tealight holder is perfect. 

What do you think of my Autumn decor essentials? What are your go-to season home changes you implement? Let me know below. 
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Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone Whose Been In An Abusive Relationship.

17 Oct 2020


2020 isn't even over yet and already it's been a year that none of us will forget in a hurry. From Billy Joe Saunders teaching people how to properly punch their girlfriends in the face back in March, prank abuse videos on Tiktok to the worldwide pandemic that sparked a high rise in domestic violence cases - it's easy to say that we never know what is happening behind closed doors.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and I wanted to raise awareness in my own way by writing this post and to highlight in the picture taken that there is more than one type of abuse so when someone speaks about being in an abusive relationship to consider that there are so many different factors involved and you may not know what abuse they've suffered or are suffering from. 

Both Coronation Street and Eastenders in recent months hit headlines with their storylines involving Domestic Violence and it's not the first time these soaps have embraced such hard-hitting topics. From Tyrone Dobbs Corrie abuse story in 2006 and dating right back to Little Mo and Trevor in Eastenders in 2001, these soaps have once again brought us to the edge of our seats and behind the doors into Chantelle and Grey Atkins relationship and Yasmeen and Geoff Metcalfes. 

I recently got into a new relationship and ofcourse I made a joke about making it "Facebook Official" like the young ones! Sitting in Tim Hortons my phone buzzed, he'd put it up whilst sitting beside me. Laughing whilst I read the "in a relationship with" status, my smile couldn't have gotten any bigger. That was that or so I thought it would be. I didn't tell family or friends as being honest I was in a little happy bubble, I sent a quick text to my sister telling her to check Facebook and I thought that would be it. This is the first relationship since the other one and I was going at my own pace and thought I'll tell my bestie and mum that night.

I didn't send out an SOS, I didn't text or ring my family and friends because let's be honest I'm an adult, we all have so much more going on in the world, does anyone actually care? But.. it shocked me as there were those close to me who felt the need to remind me I'd been in an abusive relationship and point out "hopefully this one treats you better" or "you'll not allow this one to treat you badly" as if it is something we "allow" to happen to ourselves. There was also the fact a member of my family decided to click onto my new boyfriends Facebook and search through everything on it to make sure "this one doesn't seem like the other" Because.. abusers are so open with their actions and intentions. 

It's for this reason I've decided to write Things You Shouldn't Say to Someone Whose Been In An Abusive Relationship. 

1) "Why didn't you just leave?" 

It is so insensitive and rude to imagine someone just freely being able to walk out the door and leave but there are so many aspects and struggles you may not know or think about. The abuser could have threatened family, friends and even children. It can take years to build the courage to leave or to build the strength to even contemplate looking forward to a future without abuse. 

2) "It can't have been THAT bad" 

Not everyone talks openly about the abuse they suffered, it is all down to the individual. Whatever information someone trusts you with? Remember it's taken a lot for them to open up and tell you even a small part of what they've been through and if they never tell you? Don't assume it wasn't bad.

3)  "They seemed so nice"

They did! We know they did,  on the outside, in public, and with others especially those closest to us. Saying this almost makes it sounds like you disbelieve someone was abusive. Listen and support. They may have been a well-respected part of the community, had a well-paid job. It means nothing. 

4) "Hopefully the next will treat you better"

When my relationship ended, the last thing on my mind was meeting a new partner. I was too busy trying to build my life back up and grow my confidence back to even mull over the "next one" I didn't want a next one, I wanted to feel safe going to the shop or into town.

5) "It's normal to fight"

When it's not a two-way fight or disagreement then it is not okay. Whilst we're on the topic what is normal? 

6) "Did that really happen?" 

Whether you say this in disbelief or not, yes it really happened. Don't question if it did, we've probably overthought it into different scenarios putting ourselves down that perhaps if we'd said something different, or waiting longer to speak then what really happened.. wouldn't have.
7) "They took you away though" 

Gifts, treats and even nights away are often signs of a guilty conscience. It's their way of glueing over the cracks, making their victim believe they'll get better, until the next time where the cycle repeats..  

8) "I always sensed there was something about them" / "Name always knew they were off" 

If you did, good for you! I'm sorry I wasn't as quick as you to work it out even though you'd only met them twice and we're so nice to our faces. Remember if you've met someone a couple of times at a wedding or family gathering, you don't know them. Not really, especially if you're not close to the victim to recognise the signs of behaviour changing. 

Those 8 things have all been said to me and there's not a day that goes by I don't think about that abusive relationship with anger or sadness but repeatedly bringing up someones past to them when they are healing and trying to forward with their life doesn't help. It drags them back to a place they're fighting to get away from. 

If you are suffering and need someone to talk to, please use one of the helplines or websites below. 

Women's Aid


0808 808 8000


Helpful Information: 

Abuse Talk: 

Abuse talk have a podcast, forum and also host a weekly talk on Twitter every Wednesday from 8-9pm. Use the hashtag #AbuseTalk to join in with others and check out their Twitter HERE.

What do you think of this post? Have you been in an abusive relationship and had some negative things said to you? Let me know in the comments below. 
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The Ultimate No Fear Halloween Watchlist

9 Oct 2020


When it comes to Halloween, I appear sometimes to be the only one that is a scaredy-cat amongst my family and friends! Horror and thriller movies are what I try to avoid as best I can as I like being able to sleep at night and not worried the bogey man is gonna try and kidnap me! When the trailers on TV advertise a scary movie coming soon to the cinema or TV channels introducing their Halloween run-up I quickly close my eyes or change the channel... then take deep breaths! 

This post contains affiliate links which means if you click and make a purchase on one of the links/banners I receive a small amount at no extra cost to you. 

This year things are looking very different - children will not be trick or treating so no need to worry if you have enough sweets to give out, there will be no parties to attend except celebrating with those in the same household with you or having a virtual one via zoom and there will certainly be no dunking for apples. 

It's for these reasons I decided to write The Ultimate No Fear Halloween Watchlist, so sit back, relax and watch some Halloween themed movies or TV shows with a bowl of popcorn to forget the world around you for a couple hours.

- Practical Magic - 

- Mean Girls - 

- Hocus Pocus - 
- Casper -

- The Twilight Saga - 

- Beetlejuice - 

- Hotel Transylvania - 

- The Addams Family - 

- Vampire Journals - 

- Monsters Inc - 

For anyone that tells me Mean Girls isn't a Halloween movie there is Halloween featured in it and Regina George has to be as frightening as some killers in horror movies. The Vampire Journals is a movie I watched for the first time over 10 years ago after the Twilight phenomenon hit and it is not what I expected but it's still as scary as I'll get! 

- Pretty Little Liars -

- The Vampire Diaries - 

- Chilling Adventures of Sabrina - 

- Riverdale - 

- Shadowhunters - 

- Good Witch - 

- The Originals - 

- Killing Eve - 

All the series I've mentioned above are perfect if you're looking for something longer than a couple hours or less if you want to relax and watch a 30 minute episode! Killing Eve is a show I'm addicted to if you haven't watched it - you should!! Jodie Comer's one-liners make it everything, you can't help but laugh at times even after her drastic actions! 

The majority of these movies/shows can be found on Netflix, NOW TV and even Amazon video to rent/buy or watch for free if you have Prime.

What do you think of my list? What's your favourite Halloween of seasonal film/TV show? Let me know below. 
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Hello October - A New Look, A Could-List and Plans Ahead

5 Oct 2020


Hii October! Can you believe we're on our fifth day of the tenth month in 2020? I'm hoping we can all make the most of the last few months and really enjoy them so please October if you're listening! Throw some positive vibes over the world!

September has been and went, the weather is slowly changing and the nights are getting darker. I've since dug out my hot water bottle, extra fleecy blankets and invested in an Autumnal duvet set. Although I never got anywhere near as much blogging as I'd hoped done, I know this month I will as Octobers one of my favourites!

It is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and OCD Awareness Week 11-17th, two very important topics I want to highlight this month in some way. There is also Halloween to look forward to and my sisters birthday at the end of the month and I'm currently organising a little afternoon tea for her with just my mum and I. 

I had planned on writing a post on the first but when I kept coming back to my blog I wasn't enjoying it. The layout, the design, and even my motivation was lacking with everything that's going on and the unsurety of it all. It's for that reason I decided to give Voluptuous Chatterbox a little bit of a makeover. I've added some changes and everything spaced out and not all thrown on the screen like two sidebars. It kept me busy and my mind actively distracted for about three days which was what I needed. What do you think of it? 

Every month I set myself "could-do" lists instead of To do to ease the pressure of myself if I don't complete certain tasks I've added on and this month is no different. I've included below things I hope to accomplish. 

- I may tackle my bedroom and give it a repaint - 

- I'm going to paint the skirting boards in my hallway -

- Carve a pumpkin (something simple which I didn't do last year but wanted to)

- Do a Halloween inspired outfit or makeup look - 

- Try pumpkin spiced latte! - 

- Take a walk in the crisp, cold air and enjoy the changing seasons - 

- Bake some spooky treats - 

- Read a Halloween themed short story or book (I'm behind on my reading goals) -

- snuggle on the sofa under blankets with popcorn and watch a movie (Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic for sure) - 

- Make some quick and easy Halloween crafts to display - 

That is it! 10 things I'd like to do this month! 

What do you like most about October? Is there anything you're looking forward to? Let me know below!

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