Happy Halloween - My Top 5 Favourite Memories

31 Oct 2020

Happy Halloween! This post is coming a little late in the day for me but I didn't want the day to pass without marking the occasion.  

Halloween has always been a favourite time of year for me to celebrate, anything witchy, dark vibes and whatever spirits want to pay us a visit I'm welcome to have a chat with them. 

For that reason I've decided to share my reasons Top 5 Halloween Memories. (In no particular order) 

1) When I was in primary school my dad lost his job and we literally struggled for money but my parents wanted to make sure I didn't miss out so we all scrambled to find what money and change we could so I could attend the school disco. 50p entry fee was needed and we managed to find over £2 altogether which meant a little something for the tuck shop. My dad drew whiskers and a nose with a black felt tip and I was a cat! It was the highlight of my whole primary school experience.  

2) My sisters 18th birthday party was in my Grannys and as her birthdays the 30th October we ducked for apples, played games and had an amazing time. It was also the one memory I can remember where my whole family were together including my grandparents being healthy and happy. 

3) In high school there was a drawing competition and I entered it.. only it's now after 10 years I'm admitting.. I never actually drew my picture and I came second place and won a jelly lolly. My dad drew it for me LOL 

4) I started experimenting with makeup a couple years ago and it allowed me to feel confident in trying new looks and being more daring especially trying my doll look.

5) This Year. I'm spending time with my boyfriend, watching a movie and getting a takeaway then he's going to have a spooky stream on his twitch channel and I couldn't be more happy or looking forward to it. After all the unsurety in the world I'm looking forward to relaxing.  

What are you most looking forward to this Halloween? Do you have a favourite memory? Let me know below. 

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  1. This is such a lovely rea thanks for sharing!

    Amber | The Unpredicted Page