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22 Oct 2020

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I've relied solely on buying from Amazon for everything these past few months so it makes no difference they're my go-to for revamping my space for transitioning from Summer/Autumn and to winter! 

The darker nights get me down and I find my mental health suffers more. Already nearing the end of October I can feel my anxiety setting in which is where my ideas for distraction come on. (Mainly in the form of shopping, re-decorating, or crafting) I'm not papering over my anxiety just finding ways to direct that negative energy I'm feeling into something positive. 

And who doesn't love to shop for home essentials? 

I recently redecorated my bedroom and although it's theme is blush, grey, and cream. I'm finding ways to incorporate autumn touches into my space. For instance, as soon as I saw this Autumn Leaf Garland I knew it would be the perfect prop I needed to pop around my built-in wardrobe along with this Hello Autumn banner. 

There's also the speckled candle holders that come in a variety of colours and sizes such as champagne, rose gold and silver. The perfect candle accessories to light spicy scents. 

You could even have this table runner for a work desk, kitchen table, or even your bed. I know a friend that uses a wintry table runner on her bed and it's lush looking. It's also fun to find your own ways to display items to suit you. 

I've popped these LED leaf lights in my basket as well to help brighten up my bookcase shelves to give my bedroom a warm glow at night along with these little pinecones I purchased. Aren't they super cute? Not only will I sprinkle them amongst my shelves but I'll also use them as bookstagram props. If you want something Halloween themed but not into decorating an awful lot for the holiday then I suggest opting for this cute little LED pumpkin tealight holder is perfect. 

What do you think of my Autumn decor essentials? What are your go-to season home changes you implement? Let me know below. 

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